Best Relationship Advice for Women

Best Relationship Advice for Women

Relationships can be tricky and the path to finding the perfect guy for you is paved with many false steps.  Let’s look at some relationship advice for women that will help you zero in on finding the type of partner that will help elevate you to be your best self, day in and day out.

Trust your instincts

Trust your instincts from the very first contact with a potential boyfriend.  Did he get a little too drunk on your initial dates?  A man who can’t get through the early stages of a relationship without using alcohol may have substance abuse issues.  Is he perpetually late, always offering bogus excuses?  He doesn’t value your time so don’t expect him to suddenly be punctual when you need him to be somewhere important.  Do you get a sense he is hiding something when he finds reasons why you can never come to his place?  Key into your visceral responses when you pick up vibes that don’t sit right with you.  Don’t make the mistake so many women make, thinking that all these negative behaviors will change once he falls in love with you.  They won’t.  They may even get worse.

Don’t rush

Love is like an artichoke:  peel off and enjoy it, one leaf at a time. No matter how eager you are to be in a relationship, don’t rush things.  The real pleasure is in the unveiling.  Take your time to get to know each other before moving to the next level of intimacy.  When you finally get there, it will be all the more pleasurable.

Love is not just based on physical attraction

Sure, what first pulls him in is the outer package.  But even the prettiest gift will grow dull if there is nothing substantial inside.  Make sure your partner sees both your lovely face and your incredible soul before moving forward.  Bonding emotionally is important for the long-term success of a relationship.

Love him as he is

Don’t fall in love with your man for his potential.  You want to bond with someone as they are now.  Sure, all signs point to him becoming successful and hard-working, but what if something occurs, like illness or disability, that would prevent that from happening?  Would you still love him?  Your man is not your project, so make sure you pick someone who you love just the way he is.

Don’t assume he is a mind-reader

This particular relationship advice is for women exclusively. Big mistake women make is thinking that their man can read their thoughts and should “just know” when they are angry, hungry, tired or upset about something that happened at work.  Even the most intuitive man cannot know what’s inside your head.  Use your communication skills to express your feelings.  It will make everything easier and you won’t end up harboring resentment because your man had no idea you wanted him to pick up pasta for dinner instead of pizza.  

Don’t try and manipulate your man

Drama is not an effective method for getting your guy to do something.  Your histrionics will only serve to shut him down.  It isn’t good for you, either.  Learn some healthy communication techniques so you can share your emotions in an adult way.

You are on the same team

The next time you find yourselves in conflict, remember:  you are not fighting each other, but fighting about your differing opinions.  Keep this in the back of your head so you work towards a productive resolution to the issue, rather than having the situation evolve into name-calling and finger-pointing.

Be a combination of classy and sassy

Men love and appreciate a woman they can show off to their family and work colleagues, knowing that behind the bedroom door their woman is a sex-loving, uninhibited tigress.

Keep a healthy mind and body

This is important for you and for him.    Your body and mind are reflections of your well-being so devote time and money to your self-care.  Your man is attached to you both emotionally and physically, so it is worth maintaining both your outward appearance and your mental health by paying attention to their good working state.  Don’t let yourself go.  Eat healthfully and incorporate physical movement into your day.  Take time to practice activities that nourish your spirit and challenge your mind.

Make sure the relationship is what you want

Perform mental health check-ins from time to time:  Does being with him make you happy or do come away from your dates feeling troubled or angry?  Do you feel lifted up when you think of him?  Is he respectful of you, your work and your passions or does he denigrate them?  Most importantly, does he find value in you and what you contribute to his life?  Do you find value in him and what he contributes to yours?

Don’t wait too long to cut bait

If you sense that all your efforts to improve your relationship are not bearing fruit, don’t delay the inevitable.  Yes, being single can appear scary at first, but better alone than stuck in a relationship that is draining the joy and spark out of you.  You don’t want to wake up at fifty or sixty years old to discover that you’ve wasted your love on a guy that never appreciated what you had to offer.

These relationship advice for women will surely make you excel in the game of love and romance. It will also prevent you from making mistakes that may have ruined your previous romantic escapdes.