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Dionne is an experienced transformational coach who has worked internationally for over 10 years. She fuses together science and ancient wellness techniques into her offerings. She has trained with Layla Martin as a relationship, sex and intimacy coach, with specialist majors in Concious relating, Tantric sex, Men’s sexual mastery & Women’s sexual mastery. She has also trained with various other conscious relating classical tantra teachers including Peter Lttlejohn Cook. Not stopping there, Dionne has trained with David Deida on men's sexuality and does continuous practical study with Jayson Gaddis’ Relationship Training School community as well as studies into clinical sexuality with Dr. Rachael Ross, M.D., PhD.
Dionne also practices Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), founded by Marisa Peer. Through scientific neuroplasticity training within (RTT) and somatic work, she is able to give clients fast results. She is especially passionate about relationships and believes that they are central to our wellbeing. As Dionne says -” We are relational creatures; we can do all the fitness, nutrition hacking, career development that we want, but without efficient relating skills as well, all our hard work in these areas are fruitless”.


  • Divorce
  • Pregnancy
  • Relationship Issues
  • Sex
  • Trauma and PTSD

Services Provided Via:

  • In person
  • Internet meeting

Works With:

  • Individual
  • Couples
  • Group

Working With Marriages for:

  • 10 Year(s)

Hourly Fees Range:

  • $200 - $250

Language(s) Spoken:

  • English

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