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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 51 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
How To Have A Better Relationship Quiz?
The way you define love in a relationship has a significant impact on your expectations and the way you behave with your partner. This quiz will help you determine your love style, which can be any of the following: romantic, best friends, logical, and unselfish. Next give the quiz to your partner and see if your love styles match. If not, try to put yourself in his or her shoes as this will help you to get on better!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is the base for an enduring love in your opinion?

A. Attraction

B. Friendship

C. Common interests

D. Nurturing your partner

2. One day you stop feeling those butterflies in your stomach when you kiss. Does this bother you?

A. Yes, it means our love has died

B. I don't believe in butterflies in the first place - it's just an illusion

C. No, if we love each other and are compatible

D. Not at all, I will always be there for my partner no matter what

3. Do you think the best relationships are between people with a similar background?

A. No, they are between people who are attracted to each other

B. To some extent, yes

C. Absolutely

D. Similarities don't matter, commitment is the most important

4. How important is physical appearance to you?

A. Extremely important

B. Mostly important

C. It is not vital

D. It doesn't matter at all

5. Would you sacrifice your own wishes so your partner achieves theirs?

A. Probably at the beginning of a relationship

B. Sometimes

C. We should find a compromise together

D. Actually yes

6. Would you get over infidelity?

A. Never

B. If he or she is really sorry about it

C. Probably yes, if we still find motivation to remain a couple

D. Yes, always

7. Do you always show your partner how much you love them?

A. Yes, but this tends to happen with new partners

B. Just from time to time

C. Rarely

D. Every day

8. When is the right moment for you to start having sex with a new partner?

A. As soon as possible

B. Once we become good friends

C. After having them tested for STDs

D. When the other person wishes

9. Your partner is about to relocate for professional reasons. Would you follow?

A. Yes, if my gut instinct tells me so

B. Yes, if we have a good relationship

C. Only if it's beneficial for me as well

D. Always, no matter what

10. How do you feel when your partner ignores you?

A. Wronged

B. Sad

C. Patient, I will find the reason

D. I try to stay calm and understanding

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