Overcoming Marriage Problems During Pregnancy

Overcoming Marriage Problems During Pregnancy

Who needs marital problems while pregnant? Preparing to be responsible for a human life is enough to handle. When there are problems, they must be addressed immediately. Situations are not always ideal. Those who find themselves expecting a child and facing problems in their marriage usually have no idea what to do. They put the pregnancy at the top of the list and try to avoid the problems like the plague. It is an understandable response but is not the way to handle things. Taking a passive approach to marriage issues will only hurt the relationship. Leaving them to fester allows them to grow. The conflict and tension has to be removed from the marriage so once the baby arrives, the focus can be put on being amazing parents and maintaining a happy marriage.

What are the most common marriage problems during pregnancy?

There are a lot of marriage problems that can arise during pregnancy. If you are reading this, you are probably facing at least one and looking for a solution to maintain that strong marital bond. Some of the most common problems that arise during pregnancy is lack of communication, distance, and intimacy troubles. They are relationship stressors but these issues can be resolved. The first step to overcoming this is knowledge and pin pointing how they came about.


Lack of communication happens gradually and many couples don’t even realize it is happening. This problem is common during pregnancies because there is a lot to think about at the time. It is easy for expectant parents to feel overwhelmed and stressed. As stated, communication breakdown is gradual. Spouses may notice more arguing than usual, not being on the same page as often, more tension in the household and the flow just isn’t the same. This happens when spouses fail to address the little problems and allow frustrations to build over time.


Distance is often caused by one of two things. These two culprits are lack of communication and failing to meet each other’s needs. Failing to communicate effectively causes distance by adding fuel to the fire. That gasoline is composed of unresolved issues, questions, frustration and misunderstandings. Fortunately, these elements can be cleared up if both parties take the steps to become effective communicators. A cycle of negative patterns yields a negative outcome. As for need fulfillment, when emotional, intellectual and physical needs are not met, partners will start to drift. Dissatisfaction is kryptonite to a relationship. Let’s be honest, a peck in the morning, talking about baby 24/7 and the usual, “How was your day?” isn’t going to cut it.


Intimacy is also on the list of common marriage problems during pregnancy. Likely causes include existing tension between spouses as well as feeling undesirable and in some cases, fear. We all know that intimacy goes out the window when communication is compromised and couples become distant. That is a given but pregnancy throws other curveballs. One of those curveballs is insecurity. As a woman’s body changes and her tummy grows, she can start to feel undesirable. Men may also avoid intimacy due to a fear of hurting the baby. All reasons are understandable but couples must maintain the passion. Sex is how mates stay physically and emotionally connected.

Resolving these common problems

Notice the pattern? Marital problems really have a domino effect. Fortunately, couples can stop these issues in their tracks.

Lack of Communication

Fixing communication requires time, understanding and support. When you notice that something isn’t right, just ask. A simple, “Honey, what is wrong?” can lead to new insight. Otherwise you will never really know. Devote time to identify what isn’t working and talk about it. Talking about problems seems easy enough but is often the hardest part. This is where understanding and support come in. Talking openly and honestly requires a safe environment. Create an environment for openness and honesty start displaying yourself  and viewing your partner as a confidant. To achieve that dynamic, work on trust and understanding. Do this by opening up your ears, suppressing the urge to argue and considering your partner’s feelings. These small edits in communication habits break down walls by making sure that both parties are heard, understood and feel supported. There is no better time than a pregnancy to become more understanding and supportive.


Resolving communication issues will bridge the gap but learning how to fulfill your partner’s needs again will add titanium supports to that bridge. Fulfilling needs is really quite easy. For emotional needs, start tapping into your spouse’s heart again. Couples tend to put less effort into doing sweet things for one another as time goes by. Make your mate a priority and start verbally expressing your love on a regular basis. In addition to that, hold hands, be more affectionate and go out of your way to do something nice just because you’re crazy about him/her. Whether you are expecting a child or are 90 years old, this should never stop.


Intellectual stimulation is also crucial. Share something about that book you just read, discuss the film you watched a few nights ago, talk current events, politics or crack a joke. There is something so special about never knowing what witty thing your spouse is going to say next or how they will inspire you. A partner that will make you think is a keeper.


Solving the above establishes a united front and will successfully draw husband and wife closer. Once the heart and mind are addressed, it is time to translate the love into the bedroom. Women struggling with adjusting to their new bodies should work with their husbands to maintain their sexuality. The best way to start is with exercise. Pregnant women that consistently make an effort to do things that make them feel good will successfully boost their self-esteem. Commit to a fitness plan and take in the positive effects it has on both body and mind. Along with exercise, highlight your good assets, treat yourself to a spa day or do a little maternal lingerie shopping. All three can make a woman feel gorgeous. Husbands can also be a huge help by vocally and physically expressing their desire.


If fear of hurting the baby is the cause of your intimacy problems, talk to your doctor. A doctor can address any concerns from a medical standpoint and provide advice for safe pregnancy sex. Intimacy and closeness should not be compromised due to pregnancy. After resolving the cause of the intimacy issues, improve your sex life by being more giving and open minded. A pregnancy gives couples an excuse to get creative and try new things. Focus on your partner’s needs rather than your own to promote that much needed physical closeness. Couples that need some additional help should consider seeing a marriage counselor. With marriage counseling pregnancy couples may be able to address the challenges that arise in the relationship more successfully. A third party can do a lot of good and stop couples from always having pregnancy related marriage problems.