Parental Advice: 5 Essential Rules for New Parents

Parental Advice: Essential Rules for New Parents

New parents are often unprepared for the great changes that family life brings to their relationships. Child rearing is hard work, and the expense of energy may leave little time for mom and dad.  

It doesn’t have to be that way, however.  There are ways for couples to keep their love alive and avoid parenting pitfalls. Abiding by the following 5 rules for new parents can literally make the difference between romantic bliss or fail. Use these parental advice and tips to help your marriage.

Rule #1 Always make time for your relationship

It seems obvious, right?  But the reality is, kids can bring a whole new dynamic to

your relationship that demands all of your time and energy.  Gradually, parents can grow apart during this process. Even if you have to write it on the calendar or to do list, ensure you set aside some time each day that is meant just for your partner, even if it only lasts 5 minutes.

Rule #2 Plan your time together

Not only will you make sure quality time is scheduled, but what you will do with that time is just as important. Be sure and plan various activities, such as cooking and baking or gardening.

Rule #3 Plan your time apart

Just as you will need time for each other, you will need time for yourselves. Give your partner the gift of self love; take the baby or kids  so that he can hang out with the guys, have quiet time in the office, or get a massage.

Rule #4 Develop emotional intimacy and communication

Regular communication has proven to be a significant factor in successful, happy marriages among those with children.  You can never communicate too much, and the more you do, the better off you’ll be. Parents may communicate about schools, money, transportation, and schedules. But they can also communicate about non-parenting related matters.

Taking the time to share  thoughts and feelings with one another strengthens and maintains marital bonding when continued over time.

Rule #5 Have sex

New parents often forfeit their sex lives once children come along.  This is due to fatigue, stress, and family changes such as the  “Family Bed Syndrome.”   It is highly recommended that new parents don’t habituate their kids to sleeping with them, as it becomes a difficult habit to break. Married couples need  intimate time together and may have emotionally charged sexual experiences that reduce stress and keep the spark alive.