5 Desirable Health Benefits of Marriage


Marriage health benefits

Being happily married is not only a joy and pleasure, but in fact it can also include some desirable health benefits! Whether it is physical, emotional or mental health, the benefits of being happily married are undeniable. The converse is also true, that an unhappy marriage is generally detrimental to one’s health. Ongoing dissatisfaction and unresolved issues tend to have a devastating effect on physical and mental health over the long run. So if good health is your goal, as it surely is for all of us, then consider these five benefits which you can enjoy as you work towards making your marriage relationship as satisfying and rewarding as it can be.

1. The benefit of stability

When you have a happy marriage where both partners are fully committed to one another for life, then there will be the benefit of a sense of stability. You will not be constantly worrying and wondering if or when the relationship is not going to work out. You can relax and concentrate on reaching your mutual and individual goals, knowing that you have the rest of your lives to spend together. This sense of stability tends to lower the tension and stress levels in the relationship which in turn reduces the risk or likelihood of stress-related illnesses or heart attacks and strokes. Those in a stable relationship are also less likely to engage in dangerous or risky behaviour as they have that deep inner resource of responsibility which makes them want to stay safe and healthy for the sake of their spouse and family. The feelings of safety, security and stability, which are present in a good relationship, make a large contribution towards the health benefits of marriage.

2. The benefit of accountability

Accountability often has a negative connotation, but in this context it can certainly be one of the benefits of marriage and long-term relationships. Knowing that there is someone to see whether or not you have that second helping, and whether or not you take your supplements and do your exercises, can be a great incentive and motivation for keeping healthy. It is also more fun doing it together, as you spur one another on at the gym, or on the bicycle, running, swimming, walking or whatever it is you choose to do to keep fit. And if one of you is feeling a sick, the other will notice and get you into bed or to the doctor if necessary. For those of us who are stubborn and insist that “I’m fine” even when we are sick, having a spouse who keeps us accountable can be a real blessing and health benefit. Without this good kind of accountability, it is much easier to let things slip and in turn our health can suffer and deteriorate.

3. The benefit of emotional support

One of the most helpful and important marriage health benefits is emotional support. When one spouse does happen to become ill, the other is there to take care of them and nurse them back to good health. Studies have shown that those who are in a loving marriage relationship generally have a shorter recovery time. Happily married people are also less likely to develop chronic conditions and it has even been suggested that the immune system is improved. Should one spouse require any major surgery or treatment, the trauma of such things can be greatly reduced by knowing that they have a loving spouse at their side, patiently waiting for them when they come through the ordeal.

4. The benefit of peaceful sleep

Sleep is such an essential requirement for good health, and lack of adequate sleep can be the cause of any number of health issues. According to surveys which have been done, happily married women tend to enjoy deeper sleep than their single counterparts. This may certainly be linked to enjoying loving sexual intimacy, which is safe and healthy. In a monogamous relationship where husband and wife are faithful to one another there is no fear of contracting unwanted infections and STD’s. The benefit of peaceful sleep for both spouses is a good foundation for an overall sense of well being and good health.

5. The benefit of ageing gracefully

The beneficial effects of marriage on health have also been linked to longevity and being able to age gracefully, and happily married couples are less likely to die prematurely. The ageing process is inevitable as the years slip by, and besides taking any necessary medications, having a loving and supportive marriage relationship can go an immeasurably long way towards easing that process. So if you want to significantly reduce your medical bills, why not make your marriage relationship a serious priority? As you and your spouse focus on strengthening your marriage, by being loving, faithful, and truthful to one another, you will surely find that your health and happiness will increase accordingly as you enjoy these five desirable health benefits of marriage, and much more.