Let’s Find Out: Do Marriages Last After an Affair?

Let’s Find Out Do Marriages Last After an Affair

Marital problems can cause much pain and devastation, which will, in turn, undermine your marriage. However, when both of you come together to air your differences, your marriage can survive and once again become strong.

Definition of infidelity

Now, there’s no standard definition for the word infidelity, and the meaning could vary from one person to another between partners.

For example, would you consider an emotional connection without physical intimacy infidelity? What about relationships that start online? Therefore, partners need to have their meaning of the word cheating.

Why affairs happen

You could be wondering. Do marriages last after an affair? Unless you know the factors that cause infidelity, this question cannot be answered.

There are tons of factors that can lead to infidelity, and the surprising thing is that it isn’t about sex. Below are reasons why affairs happen:

  • Lack of affection. You just don’t feel like you have affection for your partner
  • No more caring for each other. You find yourself caring about yourself and not your partner
  • Communication breakdown between the partners
  • Physical health complications or disability
  • Mental health problems such as learning disabilities, depression, etc.
  • Piled up marital problems that haven’t been solved for a long time

Discovering an affair

Discovering an affair

Usually, when one partner discovers about an affair, there are powerful emotions that’ll be triggered. For instance, both partners will be angry at each other, and both partners will be depressed, either of the partners will feel guilty or remorse. But, do marriages last after an affair at this stage?

At this point, most couples can think straight to make the best decisions because of the emotions they are already experiencing. If you’re a victim, consider trying the following:

  • Don’t rush

If you are not sure of what might happen, then it is advisable that you seek the assistance of an expert or a professional.

  • Give yourselves space

Usually, when you come to realize of an affair, either or both of you will start acting erratically. So, the best way to avoid such situations is by giving yourselves some space. This will help both of you with the healing process.

  • Seek support

Sometimes, friends can help you overcome a difficult situation in your life. In most cases, people will shy away from friends when they have problems, but this should be the time when you seek their help. So, go ahead and seek their guidance.

Some spiritual leaders can help you solve the problems you have in your family. Reach out to them for their guidance.

  • Take your time

Now, you can be curious to know what transpired, but that’s not the best thing to do. Take your time and allow things to settle. This is because delving into the details may complicate issues.  

Mending a broken marriage

It will not be a ride in the park to recover from an affair. Honestly, it’s the most challenging chapters of life. There is likely to be uncertainty during this period. However, when you are serious about rebuilding your trust, you’ll both have to admit guilt, reconcile. Doing so will help your relationship take shape once more. Below are some of the steps you can take:

  • Take some time

Before jumping into conclusions, it is advisable that you take some time off and heal before you can learn the finer details behind the affair. Taking decisions right away can make you regret, but that’s not what you want.

Again, you can seek the help of a professional or expert. Try looking for a counselor in marital therapy.

  • Be accountable

Now, this is the most crucial part. Some people will never accept that they are wrong. Please at this point, be responsible. If you were unfaithful, please accept and ask for forgiveness. This way, you will get over the problem as fast as possible.

  • Get help from different sources

It’s hard to share your problems with others, but at this point, you have to seek help and let it out. Sure, you will be ashamed, but you will be helped, and the shame will fade away.

Wrap up

Hopefully, the question: do marriages last after an affair is answered. Nobody would want to see his or her marriage come to an end, and you are not an exception. You deserve a happy marriage with your spouse. Hopefully, the tips above should help you rebuild your marriage after an affair.