How To Recover from Infidelity in a Marriage?

How To Recover from Infidelity in a Marriage

When a couple is trying to recover from infidelity, they want to know how they can survive the aftermath. Spouses wonder, “Can our marriage survive after infidelity?” “What was the cause of infidelity” and “What’s the best advice for dealing with infidelity” among many other things. During this time, there is often an overwhelming feeling of vulnerability wrapped up in a plethora of other emotions. Those dealing with it just want answers to their questions in order to overcome the problem and successfully recover from an affair/infidelity in marriage. The steps on how to recover from infidelity in marriage are pretty straightforward but both spouses have to put in the effort.

End the extra marital affair

After talking about the extramarital affair, all ties must be severed with the other person. Completely ending it is one of the first steps to recover after infidelity. The unfaithful spouse must promise to stop any interaction with this person and keep their partner informed as this is done. Openness is key.

Ask and answer

Spouses also need to go through an ask and answer phase once the infidelity is out in the open. The majority of the questions will be from the spouse who was betrayed and it is up to the unfaithful spouse to answer the questions honestly. It may seem easier not to talk about the affair but having looming questions surrounding it will prevent the marriage from truly recovering.


Seek counseling help

Infidelity is a topic that requires a lot of discussion. Sometimes the best way to get through these discussions is in the presence of a licensed therapist. A therapist will put a couple on the path to a healthier marriage. Apologies will be made, forgiveness will be encouraged and couples will be given the chance to bury the past. Emotional intimacy in the relationship can then be successfully rebuilt with relationship counseling. One should never expect easy forgiveness but an infidelity can be forgiven with time.


Get closure

After the affair has ended, questions have been answered and emotions have been dealt with, spouses reach the point when it’s time to get closure again. Harboring resentment causes two people to drift apart while committing to live in the present draws them closer. One way to get closure following an infidelity is spending time together without talking about the betrayal. As forgiveness grows, spouses will be drawn closer. In order for a relationship to survive infidelity, partners must also focus on romance as well as passion. Unfaithfulness often causes the hurt partner to feel undesirable so reassuring desire is a must.