Quiz: Would you sacrifice yourself for others?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 40
Quiz: Would you sacrifice yourself for others?
Here is - Would you sacrifice yourself for others quiz! What kind of person are you? How much would you give up for the people you care about? Would you be willing to make any sacrifice? Would you assist a stranger? Are you willing to examine yourself and discover what you are truly made of? Do you lead with your heart or your head? Do you believe that the happiness of others is more important than your own, or that self-preservation is the most important? Is it possible to be "good" or "bad"? Do you want to find out?

Questions Excerpt

1. Moving to a new city?

A. It is dependent on the reason for the move

B. Yes, I'd want to be with them no matter where they were

C. No, I have too much here

2. What would you do if you had very little money left but a loved one requested a loan from you?

A. I would give my whole money

B. Not sure

C. I would not

3. Would you take your friend into your home for more than a year?

A. We have separate accounts and pay our own bills separately

B. We have joint accounts and frequently disagree about how much to spend or save

C. We have joint accounts, but I save more than my partner or he saves more than I do

4. Change something about the way you look for them?

A. Yes, if it requires little effort from me

B. Yes, I would because I want to make them happy

C. No, you should not have to change the way you look for anyone

5. Adopt a pet, even if you dislike that type of animal?

A. I adore all animals

B. I'd put up with it if it made them happy and was important to them

C. Yes, but they would have to do all of the chores associated with caring for the animal

6. Would you rather care for an ailing, bedridden parent at home or send them to a nursing home?

A. At all costs, look after the parent

B. Send the parent on his way; I have a life to live

C. Send the parent away; I'll pay a visit when I can

7. Would you rather save the life of your spouse or the life of your sibling?

A. I don't have any brothers or sisters

B. I can always remarry, and I'll protect my sibling

C. I don't have a spouse

8. Would you rather volunteer at a homeless shelter or go out and party with your friends?

A. I'd feel strange being around the homeless

B. I have a life, so no volunteering for me

C. I'd gladly volunteer at a shelter

9. Would you rather find a cure for cancer or inherit $100 million?

A. Cancer is curable

B. Inherit the money and travel the world

C. Cure cancer, and I'll make a lot of money in the process

10. Would you rather die young so that your spouse can live a long and happy life, or vice versa?

A. Not sure

B. I would die for my spouse to have a long life

C. I can remarry, so my spouse would have to go

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