Would You Make These Sacrifices For Your Relationship Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 43 | Updated: Apr 03, 2022
 Would You Make These Sacrifices for Your Relationship Quiz?
With love and relationships comes sacrifices. True love comes in the form of giving away things to obtain it, even though sometimes this isn't the case. Sacrificing things for love can include your time, energy, assets, and money. It's important to make sure that what you are sacrificing is worth sacrificing and if the lover you are doing it for is genuinely worthy. We can sacrifice our time and money, then end up in a place where we realize it was not worth it. You're ready to make a sacrifice in the relationship, but you aren't sure what to sacrifice. Would you make these sacrifices for your relationship? Take this quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. The relationship is failing; what do you do?

A. Spend time to fix and elevate the relationship

B. Use my emotional energy to help the situation

C. Attempt to entertain them

2. What would you do to prove that you care about a relationship?

A. e with them more often

B. Give them affection

C. Provide them assets and security

3. Your lover is considering breaking up; what do you do?

A. Go out of my way to convince them not to, even if it takes a lot of time

B. I would exhaust everything I have to prevent a break up

C. I would give them money

4. What would you sacrifice for a long-lasting relationship?

A. My time

B. My energy

C. My assets

5. What is something that is easy to sacrifice?

A. Time

B. Energy

C. Qualities

6. Which of these do you have that is in surplus to you?

A. I have a lot of hours on my hands

B. I have a lot of emotional strength

C. I have a lot of values

7. Is sacrificing worth it?

A. Somewhat

B. Yes

C. No

8. What would your lover sacrifice for you?

A. Their time

B. Their emotions

C. Their assets

9. If someone wanted their relationship to thrive, what could they use to amplify that goal?

A. They could use their time to put effort in the relationship

B. They could use their emotions and power to amplify the quality of the relationship

C. They could exhaust their physical assets: like money, valuables, things with quality, to help the relationship

10. What is an important aspect of making a relationship successful?

A. Patience

B. Effort

C. Value

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