Old Soul Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 190
Old Soul Quiz
An old soul is someone young of an age (most of the time, a teenager) but who is prematurely mature and makes sagacious decisions in life. This person has a profound understanding of things other people their age have difficulties grasping or understanding. There are a lot of people like this all around the world. Do you think you are one of them? Take our quiz and find out now.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you talk about the most?

A. The future

B. Life

C. Hobbies

D. Partying

2. Do you have lots of friends

A. Yes

B. A few good ones

C. No, but everyone reaches out to you for advice

D. Not actually, you don’t like crowd

3. Who do you want to become when you get older?

A. An innovator or scientist

B. A research scholar

C. An entrepreneur

D. You don’t know yet

4. Are you an introverted person?

A. Yes, but people reach out to you for your help

B. Yes, you love spending time with yourself

C. No, you live a normal life

D. No you love to exteriorate a lot and party with friends

5. Are you an extrovert person?

A. Yes

B. Not so much

C. Not at all

D. It depends!

6. Are you considered a genius in your community?

A. Yes

B. Many times

C. You are considered smart

D. No

7. Are you exceptionally good when it comes to planning ahead of time?

A. Yes, very good

B. You know exactly what needs to be done

C. Not exactly, but you plan smartly

D. There is no need to do that

8. Do you like to be around older people?

A. Yes, very much

B. Yes, they are so wise

C. Sometimes

D. No, you love your age people

9. Do you detest crappy talk?

A. Totally

B. You have got better things to do

C. Sometimes it's fun

D. No, you love doing it with your friends

10. Do people think you are a nerd because of your opinions?

A. Yes

B. Many a times

C. No, they just say you are very sharp

D. You are definitely not a nerd!

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