Why Am I So Insecure?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 130 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Why Am I So Insecure?
Sometimes, our doubts can overwhelm us. It’s part of life to doubt, but where do these come from? For some of us, this insecurity can be overwhelming and affect all the decisions we make. When insecurity and doubt get in how we feel about ourselves, we have to find a way to deal with it but do that. We have to know where that insecurity is coming from.  It’s not always a bad thing and definitely not an abnormal thing to question ourselves, but hopefully, we can strive to feel secure in ourselves.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you are starting a project, do you expect to succeed?

A. Depends if it’s something I’ve been told I’m good at

B. Not at all, I suck at everything

C. I have my doubts, but I push through them

D. I just worry that I’ll disappoint everyone

2. What makes you feel good about yourself?

A. People telling me I am cool or that I impressed them

B. Feeling like I proved that person wrong

C. Succeeding at something I thought I would fail at

D. Accomplishing my goals and overcoming obstacles

3. How would you describe your friends?

A. They are great, super supportive

B. I mean they’re awesome, I’m always so surprised they wanna be my friend

C. If I’m being honest, they can be a bit mean

D. We are trendy, we try to be “in”

4. Do you find you give in to peer pressure easily?

A. I mean I do generally do whatever my friends tell me to

B. I guess I am basically a conformist

C. Not more than your average person

D. Not really, I worry that if I did I wouldn’t be able to do what everyone else was doing

5. What thought fills you with sadness?

A. Everyone finding out that I am actually a complete loser

B. Failing people when they trust me

C. Never being able to show that person why I am worthy

D. Never being good enough

6. What do you doubt the most about yourself?

A. Whether or not people like me

B. My ability to succeed

C. I worry that I am abnormal or unattractive or just not what I should be

D. Nothing in particular, I just am never sure

7. What do you value most?

A. Other people’s approval

B. Proving myself

C. All that I have somehow luckily been given, even if I have never deserved it

D. My moments of certainty

8. What is your worst nightmare?

A. Everyone realizing I just don’t fit in

B. That certain person thinking I have failed

C. Suddenly being in a situation where I have to save the world

D. Endless time to get trapped in my thoughts

9. Do you find yourself questioning everything you do?

A. Not everything, just things I do publicly

B. Yeah, I just don’t know what I am good at

C. Not quite everything, I just have some things I really doubt

D. Just the things that I’ve been told I’m bad at

10. Do you hear a voice in your head putting you down?

A. Yes, I know exactly who it is

B. My own

C. In a way, it changes though based off of whose popular at the moment

D. I mean I guess, but it’s not so specific

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