Is My Boyfriend Insecure? Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 500
Is My Boyfriend Insecure? Quiz
Does your boyfriend appear insecure or jealous? Do you wonder if he is comfortable in the relationship? Are you questioning if he is confident with himself in your relationship? Can he be possessive or attempt to control your actions within the relationship? If some or all of these questions plague you, take our quiz “Is My Boyfriend Insecure?” and find out if your boyfriend suffers from Read more relationship insecurities. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your boyfriend constantly call or text you?

A. He texts me an average amount

B. He is ALWAYS blowing up my phone

C. Sometimes he calls me too much

2. Does your boyfriend pick fights with you over seemingly nothing?


B. Not usually

C. No, we tend to talk through our issues

3. Is your boyfriend always seeking validation or approval?

A. Sometimes

B. No, he’s pretty confident in himself

C. Frequently, he can’t seem to do anything without my praise or go ahead

4. Does your boyfriend spy on you?

A. No, he trusts me

B. He will go through my phone and follow me on occasion

C. No, he might go through my phone but not usually

5. Does your boyfriend ever downplay your successes?

A. Always, it is at the point that I do not want to tell him

B. No, he celebrates them

C. Sometimes he will downplay them

6. Has he ever left you in a public place?

A. He would never

B. It happens a lot

C. Once or twice

7. Does your boyfriend appear insecure?

A. Yes, he seems really insecure about himself

B. No, he seems confident and sure of himself

C. He has his doubts sometimes

8. Does your boyfriend have trouble performing sexually?

A. Yes, we have issues in the bedroom

B. No, he performs very well

C. There have been times it didn’t work out

9. Does your boyfriend accuse you of cheating?

A. He has, but he believes me when I tell him I haven’t

B. He has never accused me of cheating

C. He constantly assumes I’m with other men

10. Does your boyfriend complain about you spending time away from him?

A. He constantly wants me to stay home with him

B. He lets me have my space

C. He likes to keep in regular contact

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