What Kind Of Wedding Should I Have Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 529 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
What kind of wedding should I have quiz
Everyone wants to have a beautiful and unforgettable marriage ceremony. And it doesn’t matter what your cultural background is, everyone has the ability to put together a team that will make their wedding day unforgettable. So, are you fixated when it comes to how you want your wedding ceremony to look like? Try our quiz and find out the type of ceremony that could fit your lifestyle.

Questions Excerpt

1. What color will the bride’s dress be?

A. White

B. Golden white

C. Silver white

D. Light pink

2. Do you have a budget for your marriage ceremony?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Not yet

D. It is almost set up

3. How much do you intend on spending for your wedding?

A. $2,000

B. $3,000

C. $5,000

D. $10,000

4. How many people do you wish to invite?

A. 20 people

B. 100 people

C. 200 people

D. 500 people

5. Do you want to celebrate your wedding outdoors or indoors?

A. Outdoors

B. Indoors

C. You don’t know

D. You’ll probably do both

6. What color will your maid of honor wear?

A. White

B. Pink

C. Lavender

D. Cream

7. What color will the groom’s suit be?

A. Blue

B. Black

C. Gray

D. White

8. Will you have an orchestra at your wedding?

A. Yes, a big one

B. Yes, a small one

C. You’ll have a disc jockey

D. You’ll have an orchestra and a disc jockey

9. What kind of cake will you have at your wedding?

A. A 3 level white cake

B. A 5 level white and pink cake with lots of decorations

C. A large square cake

D. A 2 level round cake with flowers at the top

10. What type of menu will you have at your ceremony?

A. A traditional menu

B. A huge and expensive menu where people will eat what they want

C. A simple menu

D. A cocktail menu

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