What Will Your Future Wedding Look Like Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 143 | Updated: Apr 01, 2022
What Will Your Future Wedding Look Like Quiz
Will your wedding be modern, vintage, or one-of-a-kind? Everyone has considered it at least once in their lives, right? Discover your ideal wedding style, then learn how to convey it through color, design, and other means. Here is the What will your future wedding look like quiz! Time to figure out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Which color palette appeals to you the most?

A. Neutrals that are elegant

B. Color combinations that are dramatic and unexpected

C. Earth tones are combined with flower-inspired hues

2. What will your decoration style be like?

A. Breezy and laid-back

B. Elegant and timeless

C. Unusual and eclectic

3. In general, what is your favorite recreational activity?

A. Experiment with new things, such as improv classes and aerial arts

B. Snack on appetizers while watching a game at home

C. With a backyard bonfire, you can kick back and relax

4. Pick a band!

A. Jaz or blues group

B. Diverse and beloved cover band

C. Reggae or cajun band

5. Let’s talk about you two’s date night…

A. Paintball, pottery class— anything out of the ordinary!

B. As we walk along the beach, we eat ice cream

C. A wine tasting at a nearby vineyard

6. Pick a wedding reception meal!

A. Taco build-your-own station

B. Buffet with something for everyone's taste

C. A lovely spread of small plates

7. Let’s talk about your honeymoon…

A. Trying a strange but popular local delicacy!

B. Surfing classes

C. Visiting a famous historical side

8. Select a place!

A. At a historic site or home

B. Downtown, on a rooftop terrace

C. On the sand!

9. So, let’s talk about wedding gown…

A. Relaxed and bohemian.

B. Asymmetrical and adorned

C. Comfy, casual, yet elegant

10. Lastly, which is your go-to shoes?

A. Ankle boots

B. Anything funky and unique

C. Flip flop or sandals

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