What Kind Of Person Will You Marry Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 6253 | Updated: Jun 12, 2024
What Kind of Person Will You Marry Quiz?

Finding the right partner to spend the rest of your life with can be a daunting task. This quiz is designed to help you gain insight into the type of person who would make a great match for you based on your personality, interests, and preferences. Whether you're already in a committed relationship or still searching for "the one," this ‘What Kind of Person Will You Marry?’ quiz will help you identify the qualities you should look for in a potential partner.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which personality trait attracts you the most in a person?

A. Ambitious

B. Confident

C. Daring

D. Soft

2. Do you have any preferences when it comes to falling in love?

A. Yes, I prefer quite feminine/masculine personalities

B. Yes, I prefer chubby people

C. Yes, I prefer Mediterranean traits

D. Yes, I prefer people who are athletic and sporty in nature

3. Are you the type who settles for less?

A. It used to happen in the past

B. No

C. Yes

D. No, I'm not that desperate

4. How long would you study someone before settling down with them?

A. 3 years

B. A year

C. 6 months

D. 2 weeks

5. Have you ever enjoyed a single life?

A. Yes

B. Most of the time

C. No, it got boring after a while

D. Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't

6. Are you patient with your lovers?

A. Yes, very patient

B. No, not at all

C. Sometimes

D. Most of the time

7. What behavior would you try to give up on, once you decide to settle down?

A. Talking too much

B. Lacking patience

C. Being busy

D. Being very flirtatious with strangers

8. Do you think you will take the role of the provider (if required) once you decide to settle down?

A. Yes, definitely

B. No

C. Maybe, I'll see

D. I'd like to but at the same time, I don't like taking care of other people.

9. How do you handle arguments with a lover?

A. Very badly

B. Quite great

C. Not so great

D. I mostly want the other person to listen to me first

10. Do you need a reason to fall in love with someone?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Yes, otherwise it's a waste of time

D. Just a tiny one maybe

11. How do you like to spend a holiday with your partner?

A. Watching a movie at home

B. Going on a date

C. Visiting a new place around

D. I don't know We'll see

12. What kind of wedding would you prefer?

A. A casual one at home with friends and family

B. A themed wedding with personal touches

C. A lavish one with trendy decor

D. A simple yet memorable wedding

13. Do you believe in setting boundaries in a relationship?

A. Not really

B. A few maybe

C. Yes

D. Just the ones I and my partner are comfortable with

14. What out of the following things is most important in your life?

A. Friends and family

B. Love and care

C. Goals

D. A mix of dreams and close people

15. Which of the following colors do you associate with ‘love’?

A. Blue

B. Red

C. White

D. Yellow

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