What Dating App Should I Use?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 18
What Dating App Should I Use?
The question of what dating app to use has troubled singles. Depending on the app they opt for, it can lead to a serious relationship or just hookups and flings. Therefore, depending on what you want in life, going for the app that guarantees your success in serious relationships or flings is important. With the availability of so many apps, choosing a potential partner carefully is very important. Before using any app, it’s important to consider what you’re looking out for, maybe free dinners, hookups, etc. Online dating can be very complicated; therefore, knowing the best app to use will lead you to what you’re looking for rather than just trying several apps. Here is ‘what dating app I should use’, quiz to help you find the right app for you.

Questions Excerpt

1. What exactly are you looking for?

A. Love

B. I just want to flirt

C. Nothing much

2. Where would you prefer to meet someone for the first time?

A. At the cinema

B. Maybe at a party

C. At work

3. Are you willing to spend quality time on dating apps?

A. Not sure

B. All the time

C. Sometimes

4. What would make you pass on someone?

A. His attitude

B. His facial look

C. Nothing exactly, I don’t really have a spec

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?

A. Absolutely

B. Sometimes

C. Never

6. Where would you love to spend your first date?

A. Restaurant

B. Visit the beach

C. Anywhere

7. What do you think about having sex on a first date?

A. Not bad, it would be fun

B. Never

C. I am not sure if I will accept it or not

8. How important are looks to you?

A. Very important

B. Not really important

C. Not important at all

9. What’s the best outfit for a first date?

A. Something that exposes some flesh

B. Something quite formal

C. I don’t really know

10. What do you look out for in a potential partner?

A. Height

B. Someone romantic

C. Someone with goals and visions

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