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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 6649 | Updated: Apr 12, 2024
Are We in a Relationship or Just Dating Quiz

Feeling uncertain about whether you're just dating or in a relationship can be pretty common. You might find yourself questioning where things stand, especially if you haven't had a clear conversation about it with your partner.

It's possible to have strong feelings and a commitment to seeing each other. However, you still wonder if your partner shares the same sentiments. If you're looking to gain some clarity on your situation, taking this "Are we in a relationship or just dating?" quiz might offer some insights.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you spend time together?

A. Usually once a week

B. At least once a week, but most of the time, it's more than that

C. Several times a week

D. Pretty much every day

2. Are you seeing anyone else, or are you still active on dating sites?

A. Yes

B. Somewhat, but mostly interested in this person

C. No, but I am not sure if they are

D. No, neither of us are seeing anyone else or on any dating sites

3. Have you talked about the future?

A. Not really

B. Yes, but only in general terms and not specifically about "our" future

C. Yes, hypothetically

D. We do talk about "our" future in which we both describe a future together

4. Have you spent time getting to know them on a more intimate and emotional level?

A. Not too much

B. Somewhat

C. Yes, we have done that numerous times

D. Yes, I feel a deep, intimate, and emotional connection with them

5. Have you met their friends and family members?

A. No

B. Just a few of their friends

C. I have met their friends and a few family members

D. Yes, I have met both

6. Have they met your friends and family members?

A. No

B. Just a few of my friends

C. They have met my friends and a few family members

D. Yes, they have met both

7. Do you share the same goals, values, and dreams for your future?

A. I am not sure

B. I think so, but there are still things we haven't talked about

C. Yes, I feel that we do.

D. Yes, we certainly do!

8. Do you feel like you can be open and honest with this person and feel comfortable and vice versa?

A. I am not sure

B. With most things I do, but I don't know about EVERYTHING just yet.

C. Yes, I have felt comfortable sharing so much, and I think they are starting to do the same

D. Yes, we both have been extremely open and honest with each other, and it has really allowed us to have an intimate emotional connection

9. How long have you been seeing this person?

A. A couple of weeks

B. A month

C. A couple of months

D. More than 3 months

10. Do they call you their boyfriend/girlfriend?

A. No

B. I have never heard them say that, just pet names

C. Not actually, but I refer to them that way

D. Yes

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