What Kind Of Guy Is Right For Me Quiz

10 Questions
What Kind Of Guy Is Right For Me Quiz
Women, most of the time, don’t get to think twice about who they really want as a partner as long as this guy is nice or treating them good. To be honest, women only think about what type of men they should look for after they’ve suffered a heartbreak. This way of doing things is risky, but giving it a try shouldn’t be bad after all. So, do you know what type of men is right for you? Take our quiz and find out now.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you like men who talk sweet to you?

A. Yes, a lot

B. Yes, but not too much because it's cringy at times

C. No, not really

D. No, you've never liked it. You prefer men who are firm and direct.

2. Do you like being around men 24/7?

A. Yes, of course

B. Sometimes

C. Not really

D. It depends on the men

3. Do you have patience when it comes to men?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. Not really

D. It depends on what they do

4. Do you like receiving gifts and other’s attention?

A. Yes, a lot

B. Sometimes

C. You like gifts a lot but people need to keep to themselves sometimes

D. You are not really a people's person

5. Would you appreciate if someone cooked for you in the morning?

A. Yes, a lot

B. You don't trust people's culinary skills

C. No, because you don't like being seduced this way

D. Not really

6. Would you be able to partner with someone in order to set up long-term goals ?

A. Yes

B. Maybe

C. You are not sure

D. No, you'd rather keep your plans to yourself

7. What type of men have you been dating so far?

A. Independent ones

B. Romantic ones

C. Mature ones

D. Kind and affectionate ones

8. Will you be able to share your space with a man?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Not really

D. You will have to think about it first

9. Can men easily make you fall in love with them?

A. Yes, why not

B. Always

C. Sometimes

D. To be honest, it depends on the men

10. Do you normally get along with men?

A. Yes, a lot

B. Sometimes

C. Not really

D. Most of the time

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