Should I Separate From My Husband Quiz

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Should I Separate From My Husband Quiz

Getting a divorce is a tough decision, but unfortunately many marriages end in separation. If you are looking at this ‘Should I separate from my husband’ quiz, you probably doubt your relationship with your husband and deal with issues such as the lack of passion, frequent and violent arguments, and not respecting each other anymore. 

But should you really separate from your husband? Answer these 10 questions, and you will find out what you should do next.

Questions Excerpt

1. You have a fight again. Does he blame you?

A. No, never

B. Yes, but he is not angry at me

C. Yes, like many times before

D. He always does that no matter how insignificant the argument is

2. Do you feel he is the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with?

A. Definitely

B. Mostly yes

C. Maybe

D. No

3. Was he ever violent with you?

A. No

B. Just verbally

C. A couple of times

D. He is often violent with me

4. How do you spend the majority of your free time?

A. I spend time with my husband

B. I spend time with the kids

C. I concentrate on my job

D. I like to be alone or do my own thing

5. Do you feel that this marriage has no future?

A. No, I think we have a bright future together

B. No, we do have a future together

C. No, but not such a bright one

D. Absolutely no future

6. How is your sex life?

A. Thriving

B. Satisfactory

C. Unsatisfactory

D. Dead

7. Does your husband have many negative personality traits?

A. Not at all

B. Not really

C. Moderately

D. Yes, and they have gotten worse

8. Your husband is late from work. What do you think about?

A. I am sure he is preparing a surprise for me

B. He must be doing overtime

C. He went out with his friends. Again

D. He is probably seeing another woman

9. What could make things work better in your marriage?

A. They are good just the way they are

B. More involvement from my part

C. We should both be more involved

D. He should make a big change

10. Are you taking this quiz because you are looking for a sign to break up with him?

A. Not at all, I'm doing it just for fun

B. Not really

C. Maybe

D. Actually yes

11. Do you both trust each other?

A. Explicitly

B. Yes

C. Somewhat

D. No

12. Do you keep secrets from each other?

A. None at all

B. No

C. None that I know of

D. Yes

13. Is any of you emotionally abused by the other?

A. Never

B. No

C. I don't know

D. Yes

14. Do you believe your relationship is worth fighting for?

A. Yes, against all odds

B. Yes

C. I think so, but I am not sure

D. No

15. Do you feel happy around each other?

A. Yes, undoubtedly so

B. Yes

C. I don’t know anymore

D. No

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