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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 183 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Relationship Stress Quiz
We often think to ourselves about the reasons behind the complexities of relationships. But it makes sense for them to have a wild nature because a lot is at stake, especially your mental health. If the social connections were simple, they might not have had any valuable connections at all. So if you feel the stress and your partner has the will to share the load with you, then it is a go for you. But if you are alone in this, then you need to get out before you get hurt. It would help if you took care of your wellbeing and credited yourself for sticking through a complicated relationship. Take this quiz to know your stress level in your relationship and immediate and long-time fixes to your situation.

Questions Excerpt

1. What are you seeking from your relationship?

A. Marrige

B. Peace

C. Companionship

D. Formal engagement

2. What is the one thing that your partner should have?

A. A job

B. A degree

C. A great body

D. At least a rented apartment

3. Have you been feeling tired throughout the day, lately?

A. Yes, even after a good sleep

B. Yes, but I have been sleeping light these days

C. No, but I do feel a bit low

D. Sort of, I need to re-wire my sleeping habits

4. Do you compare your relationship with other couples?

A. Sometimes

B. I am sort of obsessed

C. No, I don’t

D. I have nothing to compare

5. Do you enjoy your alone time as well as your time with your partner?

A. I only enjoy my private time

B. I am happier when my partner is around

C. I crave for my me-time

D. I enjoy a blend of both

6. Do you feel any negative vibrations around them?

A. Sometimes

B. No, I don’t

C. I only started noticing it recently

D. Not negative, but pensive

7. Have you been drinking a lot of coffee or energy drinks these days?

A. Yes, certainly

B. Not really

C. I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks

D. It is well within the limits

8. Do you think about moving away or get dreams about running away from something?

A. No, not as yet

B. Sometimes

C. Quite a lot, it’s become my stress relief

D. A lot lately

9. How deep is your love for the person you are with?

A. It is profoundly deep

B. It is still on the surface

C. I have dived really deep

D. I am just swimming through it

10. How often do you eat together? Do you sometimes do it virtually?

A. Regularly, and yes

B. Rarely, and no

C. Not as often as before, and yes

D. Sometimes, and no

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