ENFP Relationship Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 31
ENFP Relationship Quiz
ENFP is one of the 16 personality types defined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The ENFP personality stands for ‘Extraversion Intuition Feeling Perceiving,’ which are also the four core emotions defined by the late psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. This personality makes people invest a significant amount of time in knowing and understanding the core values of the people they are associated with. People with this personality trait may come off as disoriented and not fully aware of their physical surroundings. It is not a common trait found in people. Famous people with ENFP personalities include names, for example, Mark Twain, Bill Clinton, Robin Williams, Alicia Silverstone, and many others. The empathy and social behaviors of this personality could be used either for one’s or another person’s benefit. Maintaining a relationship with these people could go either way. Their openness to change, finding creative ways to create newness, and their fear of boredom make them wholesome, like many others. The only distinction is that while some people can still adapt themselves to the mundane chores, ENFPs really struggle with this aspect of life. Take this What’s Your ENFP Relationship Like Quiz to find out whether your ENFP personality works in only your favor or everyone else’s favor including yourself.

Questions Excerpt

1. How would you describe your personality in romantic relationships?

A. Curious

B. Engaged

C. Just being myself

D. Giving

2. Who do you admire more - Robin Williams, Drew Barrymore, or Bill Clinton?

A. Robin Williams

B. Bill Clinton

C. Drew Barrymore

D. Neither

3. Do you zone out of conversations with people who are close to you?

A. Absolutely not

B. Sometimes

C. I don’t think so

D. I do that a lot

4. What is the most important quality that you always look for in people to associate with?

A. Patience

B. Empathy

C. Openness

D. Appreciative of my ideas

5. Do you find it hard to let someone new into your life?

A. Sometimes

B. It is really difficult for me

C. I am actually quite open to letting others in

D. Not really

6. Are you looking for a long-term commitment?

A. Yes, I am

B. No, not right now

C. Not really

D. I think so

7. Are you more into conversations or just the physical aspect of relationships?

A. Both

B. I am not much of a talker

C. I love listening

D. I love talking

8. Do you find it difficult to manage your life without a partner or people who are close to you?

A. Not really

B. Yes, I do

C. Sometimes

D. I just like going with the flow

9. Do you ever have this feeling that you want to be a �hero� in someone’s life?

A. Yes, often

B. No, it’s me who needs to be saved

C. Not really

D. I don’t

10. Do you like sharing your personal things?

A. Yes, I do

B. No, not at all

C. Sometimes

D. Not really

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