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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 3378 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Values in a Relationship Quiz
Your value system plays a large role in your relationship’s success. Do you know what values you need to feel happy and secure in your relationship? When it comes to finding love, everyone has a list of must-haves and deal-breakers that they want to adhere to. It’s important to stay true to yourself and your beliefs, and identifying what you want is the key to having a healthy, balanced partnership. These core principles will guide you throughout your romantic endeavors. Take this quiz to identify exactly what values you want from your relationship.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your idea of a perfect date?

A. My partner taking initiative to plan the entire evening

B. Going skydiving together

C. A romantic dinner by the fire and deep conversation

2. You found out your partner has been communicating with an ex. What do you do?

A. Break up. The trust is broken and the damage is done.

B. Vent your frustrations by going for a run

C. Confront your partner and ask for an explanation.

3. After a heated argument I expect my partner to:

A. Affirm they are willing to work through our problems

B. Plan an impromptu trip for us to work through our issues

C. Apologize and explain their feelings

4. You are going on a romantic getaway with your partner. What activities do you do when you’re there?

A. A quiet couple’s massage

B. Go on a ziplining excursion

C. Go to a private island, just the two of you

5. What is one attribute that you would never stand for in a partner?

A. Flirting with other people

B. Lack of motivation

C. Never admitting any wrongdoing

6. What is the best way to make you feel loved?

A. Gifts and affirmations

B. Dropping everything on a whim to spend quality time together

C. By verbalizing emotions and intentions

7. What was the biggest problem in your past relationships?

A. Fear of to settling down

B. Not enough free-spirited fun

C. Lying and omissions

8. What is your biggest fear about being in a serious relationship?

A. Never getting past mistakes

B. Becoming bored of one another

C. Not being able to talk to my partner

9. A co-worker has been flirting with you. What do you do?

A. Tell them you are in a relationship

B. Casually hang out with them

C. Immediately tell your partner

10. What is the quickest way to your heart in a relationship?

A. Taking steps toward a future together

B. Doing exciting activities as a couple

C. Being direct and straightforward about intentions

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