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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 20
Values in a Relationship Quiz
There are three most important aspects in a relationship - consent, communication, and empathy. If you have all these values in your relationship, you and your partner/ partners are doing a great job. If you lack any of these, then it is time to make some amends. You must seek each other’s consent before taking any decision, even if it is a sexual decision. You mustn’t treat each other like trash and lash out due to some other reason. To know how your relationship is retaining values, take this values in a relationship quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you ever hit each other?

A. Yes

B. No, not as yet

C. No, but there are chances

2. Do you argue regularly?

A. Yes, we do

B. No, but it is usually aggressive

C. No, we don’t

3. How well do you communicate with each other?

A. It is quite decent

B. Not well, but we are getting there 

C. It is hard to communicate 

4. Do they or you force each other to do things?

A. Yes, sometimes

B. Force is a strong word

C. No, none of us does

5. How would you or them react if either of you expresses emotions or cries?

A. I just can’t stand emotions 

B. Calm each other down

C. We might end up yelling at each other

6. Do you or them feel obliged to do things as ordered?

A. No, things are done with mutual consent

B. Sometimes

C. I think so

7. Do you think you are allowed to do anything to your partner?

A. No, I don’t think like that

B. Yes, of course 

C. I guess so

8. Do you see your partner as a friend, an antagonist, or a helper?

A. Antagonist

B. Helper

C. Friend

9. Do you sit together and plan things out, or just follow orders?

A. We plan things out

B. Sometimes

C. It is mostly their or my decision

10. Have you or they ever been sexually abusive?

A. Sometimes

B. No, never

C. Very rarely

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