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    Tips to Increase Emotional Intimacy with Your Spouse

    Tips to Increase Emotional Intimacy with Your Spouse

    Emotional intimacy can generally be defined as a kind of closeness in which both partners feel secure and loved.  

    The lack of emotional intimacy can lead to problems in marriage and sometimes even failure. Most people try to go on fancy vacations and give expensive gifts, but these things will not increase emotional intimacy in a marriage if the basic fundamentals are missing in a relationship.

    So, if your marriage seems to be lacking in emotional intimacy, there are a number of things that you and your better half can do to strengthen and deepen emotional intimacy.

    Accept your partner

    Accept your partner

    Both the good and the bad. It is only after you get married that you get to know your spouse’s living habits and their quirks.  

    You are the one who chose them as your life partner, so don’t make them feel like they are coming up short. In simpler words, don’t make them feel like they can never satisfy you and their best is never good enough.

    Accepting them as they are is the only way you can lead a more emotionally intimate and happier married life.

    Be honest to your partner

    As the saying goes “truth is bitter”, it may hurt, but in the end, it will be respected.

    There is no intimacy with someone who you have to keep an eye on. Tell your spouse truths and keep their secrets, being honest and confidential is a huge plus.

    Another good way to stay honest is to remove all the interferences like habits in your life that block your feelings. Relations that have truth as their foundations are the longest lasting ones.

    Switch off the electronics

    A deep and meaningful emotional intimacy is mainly dependent on the quality of human interaction

    A deep and meaningful emotional intimacy is mainly dependent on the quality of human interaction. Texting and emailing is good to a certain point but after a while one on one interaction is essential.

    So, consider turning off your computer, television or cell phone when you are with your partner and spend that time talking and sharing. This will allow you both to understand each other and increase emotional intimacy between you both.

    Think positively

    The need to be always right and telling your partner what to do can be really damaging to the relationship.

    Everyone gets annoyed by certain things from time to time but letting those feelings go and moving forward can be a good practice to adapt. This not only goes for the marriage but also in your life it is best to stay positive.

    Whenever in a situation like this just think to yourself, would pointing it out hurt them? Is there a better way for you to handle this without blaming anyone?

    Take care of your health and hygiene

    Keeping proper hygiene is very important, cleanliness is always appreciated.

    Smelling good is one of the most critical aspects of your hygiene. Have you ever walked past someone who smelled so good that you had to take a second sniff? Smelling good is sending sexy talk without even uttering a single word.

    Look after your appearance, being stylish sometimes for the fun of it can be good for yourself and the relationship. It will give your spouse that added attention that they didn’t ask for but will be glad that it is there. If you look like something special, then you will be perceived as something special, it is as simple as that.

    Having a strong emotional bond in a relationship is really important, be it for a married couple or for the couple that is planning their wedding. Simply by taking some of these steps can help you to strengthen your emotional intimacy in your relationship.

    Karan is the manager at For The Closet.
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