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  • 5 Ways by Which Smartphones Can Ruin Relationships

    Do Smartphones Ruin Relationships?

    5 Ways by Which Smartphones Can Ruin Relationships

    This article outlines the benefits and negative impacts of smartphones on relationships. From connectivity and communication to distraction, deception, and cheating, the author has explored how smartphones affect relationships.

    Let us visit each factor that has contributed to ruining your relationships, courtesy insatiable social media addiction. 

    1. Cheating

    Social media has made it even easier for people to cheat and hide it from their significant others. Whether it’s stalking their ex’s profiles, or actually creating a secret profile in order to communicate with others, these are all ways in which social media can be a cause for concern for couples.

    While it is easier now to use mobile phones to cheat, it is also easy to get caught, and there are even apps to help people find out whether or not a partner is being unfaithful.

    Even if there is no evidence of infidelity, couples can face miscommunication and disputes simply by being suspicious of phone use and activity. 

    2. Distraction

    Since the age of the smartphone, ‘phubbing’ in relationships has become a common occurrence. This is where one person in the relationship ignores the other, in favour of looking at their phone, which then results in less quality time spent with each other.

    If someone feels as though they are competing with a partner’s phone for their time or attention, it can lead to a sense of disconnect within the relationship.

    Statistics suggest that people are more likely to turn to their phone while in bed, than their partners, which clearly will cause a barrier between the two individuals, as they remain absorbed in their devices. 

    3. Communication

    It’s not all bad. Before smartphones, people would go to work and wouldn’t speak to each other again until they got home. However, now it is possible to communicate throughout the day, not to mention how helpful staying connected via mobile is, if you are in a long-distance relationship.

    Whether it’s to find out what is for dinner or simply to tell someone they are thinking about them, it is undeniable that mobile phones can help couples stay connected with each other and feel more secure. 

    4. Connectivity


    Mobile phones are a great source of connectivity, especially when dating or trying to form relationships.

    Firstly, it’s an easy means of being able to narrow down potential love interests, as one has a view of the appearance and personality of someone before even meeting them.

    There is also an app for everybody, including Bumble – which only allows the female to make a match- and Grindr, for the LGBTQ+ community. 

    5. Deception

    There are a number of fantastic benefits from online dating, as outlined above. However, it is also important to recognise the dangers that these apps can bring.

    Unfortunately, there are many ways by which people use these platforms to deceive other users, ranging from lying about their appearance, job, or other aspects of their lives on their profiles- otherwise known as ‘catfishing’ to stealing people’s data and private information.

    However, there is now much more information and advice that individuals can take to prevent dangerous situations arising when speaking to people online and even meeting up with them in person.

    Smartphones help or hinder relationships

    As with most things, there needs to be a positive balance.

    If you are in a relationship where the days are spent apart from each other at work, and the nights are spent glued to mobile devices, then no real quality time is being spent together, which will inevitably end badly.

    However, if phones are used to stay connected throughout the day, or when apart, then put away the device for the majority of the time you spent face-to-face with your partner. This is when it could be argued that smartphones actually benefit relationships.

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