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Words of Wisdom: Keeping Your Marriage Happy and Full of Laughter

Keeping Your Marriage Happy and Full of Laughter

In keeping with the tradition, it is important as a couple to review the words of wisdom passed down from long-married couples. While these may not necessarily apply to you and your marriage, keep these words in mind in case, at some point, you encounter avoidable issues.

Never forget – she won’t

For those of you who have just decided or perhaps even decided a long time ago to take a wife, it is no secret that women do not forget. What does this mean for your marriage? Essentially, there are going to be things that, whether you believe yourself to be right or not, are a losing battle. Sometimes it means making the choice to move forward, even if it means having to go on without resolving that particular situation.

If it doesn’t work the first time, try it the way your spouse told you to do

Many of us are stubborn and refuse to admit when we are wrong. Within marriage, it will not be uncommon for you to experience the need to admit your spouse was right and you were not. For example, if you begin to put together a new item that was purchased for your home, and find yourself struggling and refusing help, you will likely end up frustrated and aggravated. It will be difficult to admit you were wrong, and even harder to admit that your spouse’s suggestions were helpful. But this kind of honesty with one another is necessary and will allow your marriage to blossom. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Marriage is like a game of chess – the queen should always protect her king

For those who are partaking in a traditional marriage, it is often thought of as the man’s responsibility to protect and safeguard his wife. Visions of royalty and ideas of fairy tales are not too far fetched, even now. But just like it is a man’s responsibility to protect the woman he loves, it is also a woman’s responsibility to protect the man who has given his life to serving her. Just as a queen piece protects the king piece in a game of chess, it is essential for a woman to understand her role in protecting the reputation and character of the man she loves.

When a woman says “What?”, it doesn’t mean she is not listening

Instead it means she’s giving you a chance to change what you said.While this can go both ways, it typically is a woman who will ask for repeated information and expect the answer to be a little different than the first time around. If your woman asked the question “What?”, and asked with an expression or tone of voice that indicates her annoyance, take into consideration what words you choose to say next. It is very likely that the words you choose next will determine the temperature of your relationship for the next few hours.

When a man opens his car door for his partner, either the is new car or the spouse

This bit of wisdom brings to mind a comical scene. A man who pulls up in a nice, fancy new car, turns off the engine, slides out of his own door and walks to the passenger side to open it for his spouse. While traditionally, many would assume that he was doing this out of politeness or out of habit as a gentleman, it would not be too far fetched to assume that it was a new car rather than a new spouse! Instead of allowing this to only happen when in the case of a newly acquired wife or car, make it a habit to do this on a regular basis. Your spouse will likely feel appreciated and loved as a result!

Do not keep scores (even if you are totally winning…)!

Growing up, especially if you had siblings, the need to compete was inherent and instinctual. Competitiveness maybe one of the things that drives your marriage to be successful. But it is important to remember not to compete with your spouse, but rather to act as a teammate. Being opponents to one another will not breed long term success, and will likely cause disruption and frustration with in your relationship.

These six tips will not perfect your marriage, nor will heeding this wisdom be the answer to all of your marriage’s problems. The issues and challenges you will face will be unique to your relationship, but putting one another first in everything will ensure you are both focused on the wellbeing of the other. Keeping your marriage full of love and laughter is the key to a long-lasting and joyful marriage.

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