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What Should You Give as Wedding Presents to Older Couples?

What Should You Give as Wedding Presents to Older Couples

There are certain wedding presents that are so popular that they have almost become a cliché. Table settings, gravy boats, his and hers towels for the bathroom … Sometimes finding unique wedding gifts is a challenge.

This is especially true if the couple is a little older. Couples married in their 40s, 50s or older don’t have the same needs as younger couples. They don’t need help in setting up their homes – they most likely have all the crockery and cutlery they could ever need. By now they’ve likely had kids, maybe even grandkids, and have done what they wanted to in their careers. Depending on how old they are, they might even be thinking of retiring.

How do you find wedding presents for couples who are old enough to have everything they need for their home and settled enough in their lives to not need anything new?

You’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of fun wedding present ideas out there for older couples. Think outside the box with these unique gift ideas that are suitable at any age.

An experience

Your friends might have everything they need – but what would they like to do? There is a huge range of experiences you can give as a gift. Everything from flying lessons to a cookery class, a set of salsa lessons, or even monster truck driving. You can go for something as adventurous as kayaking a river, or as gentle as a guided nature walk in a favorite location.

Don’t be shy to ask the couple what they would like. Ask them what they’d love to do that they’ve never done, or what they keep talking about but never booking.

A relaxing time

Life is busy for people of all ages these days, and we often skip over time spent relaxing in favor of rushing around being busy with work, kids, family and social commitments. Chances are your bride and groom to be are no different.

Make their life a little easier with the gift of relaxation. After all, after the stress and rush of organizing a wedding, some downtime is the perfect wedding present!

Get them vouchers for a luxury spa day, a river cruise, a fancy meal in a nice restaurant, or even a night away.

Art for their home

Your friends probably have everything practical they need for their home, so why not get them something unique and unforgettable to embellish it with? You can buy beautiful art online, at auction, or in local galleries. Look around for local art spaces, or even cafes or restaurants who display pieces by local artists. Think about your friends’ living space – what would go best with their taste? And what would fit comfortably?

Whether you opt for a painting, a mixed media piece, a framed photograph, textiles or a sculpture, art is an unforgettable gift and one that the couple can enjoy day after day.

Something personalized

Personalized gifts never go out of fashion, no matter what age your friends are. Of course, there are traditional personalized gifts such as monogrammed towels or handkerchiefs, and they can have a certain elegance, but why not think a little outside the box?

You can find hundreds if not thousands of personalized item ideas online. You can get your friends anything from a handmade slate house sign to a personalized monopoly game to fun gifts like mugs.

Personalized gifts are the perfect way to give a couple something completely unique, that no one else has.

A wedding memento

A memento of their special day makes a wonderful wedding present for any couple.

There are lots of options. You might present them with a photo album full of prints, either professional or candids. You can buy them champagne flutes with all the wedding details on that they can use for their first toast, and keep as a moment afterward.

Or, why not get extra personalized with a wedding scrapbook? You can include everything from a pressed flower from the table arrangements to ribbon from the gifts, photographs of the ceremony and reception, copies of the menu and anything else that makes a good reminder of their special day.

A recipe book

Do your friends enjoy cooking? Why not give them something tasty to start off their married life with a personalized recipe book? You can buy lovely recipe books online that are designed for the purpose, or why not choose a brand new notebook with good thick paper and a sturdy cover.

Write all your favorite recipes in it for them to sample, and maybe include the best recipes you can find online, too.

Be sure and choose a book with plenty of space for them to add their own personal favorites, and any new delights they discover over the years.

Giving wedding presents to older couples is a chance to be creative, personal, and give them something they will treasure for a long time.

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