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    Best Gifts Ideas for Husband on His First Birthday After Marriage

    Best Gifts for Husband on His First Birthday After Marriage

    We all love our husbands, isn’t it? Just the way they tend to make us happy for every small or big occasion or even without any particular reason, wives too do not leave any room for complaints with their surprises planned for their husbands. In this beautiful relationship of love, affection, and togetherness, gifts do not play quite a big role, however, the small role they play also cannot be undermined. When it is the first year of your marriage and your husband’s birthday is approaching soon, you definitely need to make it feel special with some amazing gifts that would leave an impact on the mind. To make your husband super surprised on the eve of his birthday, there are a number of suggestions which you can work on.

    Gift a number of bouquets on your list of personalized gifts

    The best way to keep your husband happy is to arrange an array of surprises right from the very start of the day. Plan a long range of activities and make sure that you do not tend to forget flowers in your planned list of gifts. It is often a misconception that only girls love to get flowers as gifts. Most of the husbands feel great to be pampered and flowers definitely do a great job in that case. Try to give him at least two bouquets in the day right in the morning and before going to bed. Flowers have a special power to refresh the mind and rejuvenate with positive energy. If you are unable to go to the florist store personally, then let gifts online work out the magic for you.

    Bouquet of flowers

    Plan some exciting personalized gifts

    When you add personalized gifts to your list of gifting options, it definitely gets a special appeal. Imagine your husband getting a gift with his name inscribed on it or his picture pasted on the same. Definitely, it would portray how thoughtful you have been while choosing his gift. You can go for a coffee mug with his picture on it or a picture of you both together. Serve him the first coffee or tea of the day in this special mug and see the beautiful smile on his face. You can also go for amazing customized cushions or pillows for a special surprise. The best part of customized gifts is that they bring in a fresh flavor of gifting along with personal touches. If you have decided to go for personalized gifts during the first birthday of your husband after marriage, you can also give a thought to some innovative options like customized lamps with your moments of togetherness on them.

    Photo cakes

    Photo cakes are a trend of the season. With customized gifts getting a high visibility and becoming extremely popular among all, cakes have become also famous with personalized touches. You can go for photo cakes with your husband’s photograph printed on them that will definitely give him an amazing surprise. The smile on his face would definitely make all your endeavors worth the efforts.

    Cut the distance short with online gift delivery

    One of the most significant problems every couple faces is that during the first birthday after marriage, they may be living miles apart due to job pressures or other circumstances. So to continue the birthday celebrations, the best option is to go for online gifts.  Online gifts delivery is a perfect feature designed for long distance relationships. Long distance relationships will no longer prevent you from sending the proper birthday gifts online. You can be living miles apart but that would not stop you from planning a great gift. You can go for birthday cakes, personalized gifts, flowers and any of the other options staying from any corner of the city or world. With a number of online sites to facilitate the process for online gifts delivery, you have a great option to go ahead with.

    Gift delivery

    Spread the sweetness in your relationship with chocolates

    Chocolates are the best part of any relationships. It does not know any age barriers. And to sweeten the relationship, one of the best options is chocolates to give your husband. Rekindle the warmth of your relationship with some amazing branded chocolates along with a soft toy.

    With all these ideas in your wish list, the birthday would definitely turn out to be an amazingly memorable one. Make memories; carve moments with some amazing plans for your husband’s first birthday ideas in your wish bucket.

    Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar, a digital marketing professional with 2+ years of experience, is working for an online gifting company, Oye Gifts. He loves to make strategies & plans for business and clicks pictures in his free time. His favorite quote is “If you can learn to stand on the shoulders of giants, you can get bigger, faster.”.

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