Nurturing Friendship in Marriage: The Key to Marital Satisfaction

Nurturing Friendship in Marriage

Friendship in marriage is not spontaneous; it is cultivated and nurtured through years in married life. If you feel you are emotionally and physically apart, you can still build the power to nurture your friendship to desired levels. Marital responsibilities play a big role in widening the gap between couples but the power of friendship in marriage can help overcome it. Some of the practical ideas to maintain the friendship in marriage include:

1. Spending quality time together

The fact that you squeeze time out of your busy schedule to spend time with your partner means you value them and they are essential for your happiness. Take out some time everyday when you can reconnect with one another. If it is at the end of a busy day, then find out how he or she spent the day. Allow your partner to share the day’s challenges and achievements as you offer a listening ear. Give your input only when called to do so. In case you notice a decision which you think is inappropriate, let your spouse know about it but do it with kindness.

As you also begin your day, just before you wake up, share your plans for the day and finish with a prayer, it makes the difference.

2. Frequently talk to your partner

Silence in marriage harbors resentment since you think differently from your partner. But communication can resolve this problem. Communicate over everything, your friends, relatives, workmates, goals, children among other things. It is through communication that you get to speak in one voice for the benefit of marital satisfaction. In addition, you appreciate and connect to each other– a good element in conflict resolution.

3. Have fun together

Make fun of one another as you remember some of the sweet memories to enhance the bond. Engage in activities that you both enjoy. Compete and tease each other. Be humorous with no malice or offense. This is great way to strengthen the companionship in your marriage. Make every activity you do together memorable. If it is a walk, make it fun by walking side by side holding hands and whispering sweet words in your partner’s ears. If it is a board game, record some of the silly moves and later make fun out of it- it makes a difference.

Try to engage in new activities as a couple, let it be a learning experience to keep you together. In case you have any difficulty, use that as an element to try it once again together until you do it successfully. Explorations that the couples do together enhances their friendship.

4. Strive to maintain trust and honesty

Why does the love between couples fade away after a couple of years? Complacency can lead to the development of mistrust in a marriage. Like in friendship, try and promote openness and forgiveness in your relationship, this in turn can help build trust between you and your partner.  Trust gives you the freedom to freely share all your challenges and achievements with your spouse.

5. Plan your future goals together

Replace “I” declarations with “we”, a clear sign of inclusivity. I wish we build our house in this city. The confidence of being involved in your partner’s plans leads to trust and further enhances the emotional bond between the couples.

6. Prioritize your spouse

You feel appreciated when your spouse makes it a habit to consult you before making any major decision. It means your opinion counts in their lives. In addition, it gives you a sense of responsibility in case of any failure of the plan.

Marital satisfaction is the work of two friends who have unconditional love for one another and are willing to sacrifice for the benefit of their marriage.

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