Great Marriage Vows

Requirements for a Catholic marriage

Sample Roman Catholic Marriage Vows for the Bride and Groom

The Roman Catholic wedding is a Christian ceremony. The couples admit they are committing to each other without doubts or …

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Importance of Marital Vows

Importance of Marital Vows: Why You Should Renew Your Oaths

Marriage oaths are a fundamental part of every marital relationship. Common law partners may not have sworn the marital oath …

By Ayo Akanbi

Registered Psychotherapist, M.Div., RP, RMFT| 2  min read

14 Cute Vows To Give Your Marriage Ceremony An Endearing Edge

Marriage vows come in all shapes and sizes these days. Practically anything goes, as long as you are sincere as …

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Romantic Wedding Vows

It is life’s most romantic moment:  tying the knot with the person you love.  Thankfully, you and your fiancé are …

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11 Examples Of Moving Marriage Vows

There is something undeniably moving about hearing two people solemnly commit themselves to one another in the most intimate relationship …

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Reasons And Reflections On Renewal Of Marriage Vows

Why would you want to renew your marriage vows? Wasn’t the original wedding ceremony sufficient when you first made your …

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10 Questions And Answers About Vows Of Marriage

If you and your beloved are contemplating taking your vows of marriage any time soon, you may be wondering about …

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Creating Memorable Marriage Vows For Her

As the bride-to-be, you have so much to think about already. Once you’ve found your perfect wedding dress, booked the …

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Christian Marriage Vows Unveiled Phrase by Phrase

When you are planning your wedding ceremony it is easy to get caught up in all the finer details: choosing …

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Wedding Vows: Important Words You Exchange With Your Spouse

The traditional wedding vows we are familiar with came from England and date back to medieval times.  Since then, couples …

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“I Do, Again”: Renewing Your Marriage Vows

  Couples have been renewing their marriage vows since the 1950s, but this ceremony did not become popular until the …

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Marriage Promises: Going Beyond “To Love, Honor And Cherish”

Anyone who loves romantic movies knows the traditional marriage vows by heart, from “To have and to hold” through “Until …

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Expressing the Inexpressible: Marriage Vows for your Husband

Couples often seek modern wedding vows that express commitment and their sincerest hope for the future. In the past, wedding …

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