Great Marriage Vows

Wisdom that Resonates: Marriage in the Bible

Applying biblical principles to a marriage can lay a strong foundation and help gain a better understanding of what being …

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56 Inspirational Marriage Quotes That Are Actually True

Quotations are always a good way of expressing love in just a few words. Besides quotations on love, there are marriage …

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Wedding Vows 101

People often want to write their own vows. Written vows add a personal touch to wedding ceremonies and give couples …

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Laughing at the Alter: Funny Marriage Vows

Funny marriage vows have a special way of lightening up the mood at an already joyous event. Although joyous, weddings …

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The Bible even claims to disinherit homosexuals from the kingdom of Go

Excellent Insight from the Word: Bible verses Marriage Vows

While many modern couples choose to craft their own wedding vows in anticipation of the glorious event, many others still …

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Marriage Vows For Him That Will Sweep Her Off Her Feet

Getting married is a wonderful thing, and a big part of that is the words that you say to each …

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When love requires you to sacrifice

Traditional Wedding Vows from Various Religions

Traditional wedding vows are one of the most significant aspects of a wedding. Although traditions and customs vary from religion …

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Meaningful Jewish Marriage Vows and Rituals

The beauty of the relationship of a husband and wife as well as their obligations to each other and to …

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The Sacred Seven Vows of Hindu Marriage

A Hindu marriage is a sacred and elaborate ceremony involving many significant rituals and rites which often extend over several …

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Buddhist Marriage Vows and the Path of Transformation

Buddhists believe that they are walking a path of transformation of their inner potential, and through serving others they can …

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