Watch Out for These Unhappy Marriage Signs!

Unhappy Marriage Signs

All couples get married to live happily ever after, right? No one gets married thinking that it’s temporary and when things get tough, they’ll abandon the ship. The unhappy marriage signs occur even when we think everything is normal, but we’re not always able to see them in time.

If the marriage isn’t going in the direction you think it should, then it’s time to take charge of the wheel and redirect it on the right course. The only problem with this is whether you really are living in an unhappy marriage, or is it just a phase?

Here’s a list of signs that show what an unhappy marriage is-

1. Feeling unhappy

If you feel unhappy, that is just enough to say that your marriage is unhappy. The reasons are not important, you must feel happy in your marriage. If you don’t know the real reason, the best advice is to visit a therapist. The problems might be easy to resolve, but sometimes a more serious approach is needed and professional help is highly important.

Your partner also may feel unhappy. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you’re happy, your partner must be too. If one of the spouses is unhappy, you can mark that the marriage is unhappy.

2. Individuality

A marriage is a bond of two people acting like one. When both partners live a life of their own and the partner is not included in it, then that emphasized individuality is bringing negativity in the relationship.

It is completely fine to keep your individuality in the marriage, but leaving out the spouse in all occasions is simply wrong.

3. Freedom of speech

A happy marriage means that all thoughts can be shared and not be judged about them. Feelings, emotions, political views or sexual desire. It’s all good if shared. If the partner is withdrawing from expressing, then that is not good. It means they fear about being criticized or judged.

4. Sex

If the couple has no desire for sex or cuddling, that is very odd, because one of the basis of a strong marriage is good sex and physical attractiveness. If at least one of the partners don’t like engaging in intercourse, there must be a reason for it. Lack of interest in sex is a sign of an unhappy marriage.

5. Emotions

Withdrawing emotions and holding things to self is also a sign of an unhappy marriage. The couple should share everything and emotions are included. Both partners should be supportive and listen to the problems, thoughts, and feelings of the other partner.

Having difficulty showing emotions is not right and is a sign of an unhappy marriage.

6. Control

A marriage means both partners deciding and organizing their lives together. If one of them is controlling and have the need to always dominate, then the other might feel controlled.

It’s all about being together but act as an individual. Losing yourself due to someone else is a clear sign of an unhappy marriage.

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