2018 Holidays: How to Ring in the New Year

New Year 2015 Breaks

New Year 2015 holidays are all about getting away at the end of the year to ring in 2016 the right way. Together! There are very few things more romantic than escaping to celebrate the New Year. Rather than throwing a little party at home or watching the countdown on television with some bubbly, go on an adventure. Whether there have been problems in the marriage or things have been smooth sailing, going on a New Year’s holiday can significantly improve the relationship. Going away together at the very beginning of the year signifies a fresh start. Newness maintains a healthy marriage. Injecting newness at the start of the year sets the tone to break new ground on improving everything from communication to intimacy. Since New Year’s Eve holidays can be so beneficial, let’s talk about how to arrange one of your own as well as where to go, where to stay and fun ideas to consider.

How to arrange a New Year’s holiday

The clock is ticking down so it is time to start making the arrangements for your New Year’s holiday. What a fun task to complete with your spouse! The right way to kick off planning is discussing where you would like to go. All couples have those destinations that they have always talked about visiting. These may be a drive away or require a plane ride. Whatever these destinations may be, put the ideas on the table. Talk about which ones are best for New Year’s and which options are at the top of the list. This initial step of the planning process is incredibly beneficial for a marriage. Spouses get to talk about something exciting and work together to plan a memorable trip. It also provides couples with time. Just being around your spouse, having conversation, smiling and bonding creates the ideal environment to better a relationship.


After discussing where, decide what type of trip it should be. Some couples prefer to start the year off lounging around doing next to nothing while others want to take part in as many activities as possible before heading home. For most, a little bit of both is perfect. The key point to remember here is compromise. One person may want to golf or see a few sights while the other suggests a couple’s massage or wine tasting. Rather than choosing just one, select a few activities that will please both. This step of the planning process teaches couples how to compromise. Compromise is a valuable skill that will transition into daily life.


At this point it is time to talk money and time. New Year’s eve 2015 make the arrival of 2016 extra special but do require a budget. Look at the list of possible destinations and choose the most cost effective one. Of course you want to have fun, travel in style and enjoy quality accommodations but the break has to be one you can afford. Consider all factors of the trip, do the math, double check and make a choice. As you and your spouse talk money, keep in mind that the goal is coming up with a budget that both can agree on and feel comfortable with. Developing a budget for an exciting getaway is a way to practice managing finances together, especially for couples who have had problems doing so in the past. In terms of time, take a look at schedules and see what works. For most, a trip duration of 1-3 days is ideal.

New Year Eve holiday ideas

There are endless New Year’s Eve ideas for couples but very few make it on the top New Year’s Eve holidays list. If you and your mate are in need of a few suggestions, below are 3 New Year’s destinations that will not disappoint.


Big Bear, California

Big Bear California is a great New Year’s holiday destination. The surroundings are beautiful, the people are friendly and the mountains are blanketed with snow. Couples looking to get away for the holiday can take in the tranquil surroundings, check out all the restaurants and shops in the village and hit the slopes. On New Year’s Eve, you definitely want to attend Snow Summit’s torchlight parade at 7:00 p.m. as well as the New Year’s Eve party. Also, couples must have a romantic dinner date at the Peppercorn Grille on Pine Knot Avenue. The food and the service is excellent!

Big Bear, California


Where to Stay

The Knickerbocker Mansion and Bistro is the ideal place to stay. The grounds are beautiful, the rooms are homey and the five-star hospitality completes the experience. This mansion is also conveniently located. Snow Summit is a 7-minute drive away and guests can walk to the village.


Bangkok, Thailand

If you and your spouse are thinking big, Bangkok is the place. It is really the ultimate New Year’s Eve holiday destination. They hold a massive celebration at Central World Square that starts off with a firework show which is followed by light shows, live concerts, delicious food and more. For couples that prefer less chaos, make reservations to dine overlooking the river and romance one another while welcoming 2016.

Bangkok, Thailand


Where to stay

The Mandarin Oriental will blow you and your spouse away. Even if you never leave the hotel you will have an amazing time. For starters, the rooms are impeccable and there are numerous room and suite selections that are perfect for two. Whether you book the Garden Suite, one of their Deluxe Rooms or opt for a Mandarin Room, you will not be disappointed. In addition to the rooms, the Mandarin Oriental houses 9 restaurants and bars. Whether French fine dining is your thing or you two are craving seafood, they have it covered. The Mandarin Oriental also has a spa as well as fitness/wellness amenities including two pools and outdoor tennis courts!


Charleston, South Carolina

This city is definitely the place to create unforgettable memories. Charleston is such a lovely city with tons of character. Upon arrival you will feel like you just stepped foot on the set of a romance film. To get the most out of this New Year’s break spot, spend your days taking in the old world charm by touring a few historic sites, chow down on Southern food between activities and consider strolling through the streets with your love on New Year’s Eve. For couples seeking a new and exciting experience, there is always a lot going on in this city including the party at Marion Square.

Charleston, South Carolina


Where to Stay

The Courtyard Marriot in the Charleston Historic District is a contemporary and cozy hotel right across the street from Marion Square. The rooms are spacious, affordable and the Bistro (the on-site restaurant) serves delicious breakfasts, offers a nice selection of dinner choices and all day coffee beverages.



So go on, ring in the new in style!

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