7 Healthy Marriage Fitness Steps

Marriage fitness steps

Whether you are newly married, or married for a while, keeping fit is always a challenge. Chances are you’ve let things slip a bit since you got married and now it is time to start pulling in the reins again. The great thing about marriage is that there are two of you, so you don’t have to go it alone. Why not face the fitness challenge together and help each other to achieve the satisfaction of having a happy and healthy marriage. Try these seven healthy marriage fitness steps to get you off to a good start.

Plan meals for the week ahead

The saying goes that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is especially true when it comes to eating healthy meals. Thinking ahead helps you to avoid that last minute decision to grab something quick and unhealthy. If you have carefully planned the meals for the week and bought all the ingredients ahead of time, you will be able to look forward all day to a healthy meal, rather than scrambling to answer that daily “what’s for dinner” question when you get home. Often the planning part can be the hardest part, so that’s where you can put your heads together and come up with delicious and nutritious meals that will suit both your tastes.

Cook for each other and be careful of eating out

Let’s face it, cooking every single day can become a chore, especially when you get home tired after a long day at work. So if you share the cooking, you get to enjoy every second day off, and you get to look forward to whatever you spouse is going to prepare. Of course you may enjoy eating out at times, but be careful that this does not become a regular excuse when you don’t feel like cooking. Eating out can be a well-deserved treat, and even then you can be mindful of what you order so as not to gain back the pesky pounds you just managed to shed.

Plan time together that does not revolve around eating

Being together as a couple does not always have to mean eating together. Think of things to enjoy doing which will occupy you in other ways, either physically or mentally. Some examples may be going for walks together, cycling, or swimming. Maybe you enjoy playing board games together, doing intricate jigsaw puzzles, or crosswords and Sudoku. Instead of watching TV or a movie while snacking on chips and chocolates, how about putting a workout DVD on and having some fun together.

Schedule your exercise time, and don’t cancel

When it comes to exercise, like most things, this is just not going to happen unless you determine to schedule it in, and keep to your schedule. Again it comes down to planning. If staying fit is a priority in your life, it will require an investment of time and effort. Just as you would never dream of cancelling a business appointment or a dinner party with friends, why should you cancel your regular morning run or afternoon gym session? This is where spouses can help each other stay faithful to their fitness programs, especially if they are doing it together.

Learn to do new, creative and healthy activities together

The marriage relationship is an ideal platform for lifelong learning. Think of those things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the opportunity. Maybe now is your chance, and now you have a special person to do it with. Perhaps you always wanted to learn horse riding, or modern dancing, kayaking, or scuba diving? Whatever it is, being out in the fresh air, exercising and having fun will no doubt be beneficial to your life, your health and your marriage.

Set specific goals

Goals are great for measuring your progress and keeping you motivated to persevere. So make sure you set measurable goals when it comes to your marriage fitness. This may mean simply weighing yourself regularly, or perhaps signing up for a sporting event such as a run or a triathlon. Joining a sports club can be great both socially and for physical fitness. There may be a club in your area, depending on your preferred sport, whether you play squash, tennis, golf, bowls or any other sport.

Be each other’s best fan and supporter

Even if you prefer different sports, remember that you are on the same team as you cheer one another on. If your spouse is running a race, make sure you are at the finish line waving your banner and waiting with open arms. When you spouse achieves a goal such as losing a few pounds, be sure to celebrate and congratulate. And don’t sabotage their efforts with tempting snacks of chocolate or ice cream. When your spouse has a particular weakness, find ways to help them watch out for that area and overcome the temptations together. This way you can be each other’s best fan and supporter, helping each other along the steps towards healthy marriage fitness.