Marriage Isn’t Just About Your Happiness, It Is About Giving Too

Marriage isn’t just about your happiness, it is about giving too

Love can be shown in different ways of expression and tokens of appreciation.

However, the craziest way to prove love will definitely be a bologna sandwich. When reading the book Choosing Marriage, the author wrote that her husband was a poor medical student and was broke, however; he spends around two months surviving on bologna sandwiches in order to decrease his grocery budget by $10 a week.

The reason behind this sacrifice was to be able to buy an engagement ring. And this helped symbolize a bologna sandwich into a symbol of love.

Marriage does cost you

The truth behind marriage is its cost; when thinking about marriage and its cost what comes to your mind?

A  couple getting married can easily spend tens of thousands on their wedding. This seems like a lot of investment however as compared to the real cost of marriage; this is nothing.

Whether you want to hear this or not, marriage will cost you more than thousands of dollars. It will cost you something big; it will cost you something great. Marriage will cost you a price so much larger than the money you plan on spending on your wedding venue or your engagement ring.

Marriage will cost you yourself.

The truth about marriage today

 Marriage revolves around love, which you plan on giving timely

The society of today believes that if you are not happy in the relationship, you can just walk away.

This is the self-centred society of today, everyone in today’s generation believes in their own peace and happiness regardless of what people think. This personal agenda given more importance can be a shallow, selfish and a small way to live.

If you are planning on getting married with the goal in mind: “Make Yourself Happy” then the joke is on you. You will be very disappointed in the future. Marriage is never about your happiness; marriage does not revolve around you.

Marriage revolves around love, which you plan on giving time and time again.

It is about giving, forgiving, sacrificing and doing it all over again. Due to human nature, we often tend to get selfish we often opt for divorce over lifelong commitment because we end up choosing our personal agenda over real commitment and real love.

What does marriage teach you?

Marriage is about forgiving your partner after being hurt

Our elders often claimed that marriage teaches you about selfishness more than you even want to know.

This thing is very true; the truth about true love is a sacrifice. The truth about real commitment is offering yourself up in big and small ways. That is what marriage is about.

Marriage is about forgiving your partner after being hurt. Marriage is about giving your time to them even when it is not convenient for you. Marriage is all about sharing what is in your heart instead of holding back; it is about cleaning the kitchen after a long day even when you don’t want to.

Being in a marriage makes you respond with love even when you are boiling with anger; it makes you lend your ear to your partner even when your eyes are draping down with sleep.

Marriage makes you put your partner’s need in front of yours and give their desire more importance.

Marriage is about giving your piece of cake to your partner so that they enjoy it.  It I about placing your rights aside and making space for your partners; the example of marriage can go on and on, but it always ends with the equation “We Before Me.”

This is what marriage cost you

The society we live in despises the side of marriage where you have to sacrifice and tends to explain it to push it away. This society believes in control, power and always having the upper hand in the relationship.

They aim at doing what they think is right and not to tolerate anything less. They fool us into thinking that marriage is what makes us happy and once we are not happy, you can abandon the ship; give up on love and throw in the towel.

This is where it is wrong.

The more you give, the better you will be, real love is not seeking your happiness and will always cost you more. It will cost you your heart, time, money and anything else that you invest in your commitment. It will cost you comfort, your pride, and your right. This realization must come to you before you plan on settling down.

This thought will help in your marriage and make it last and at the end of the day, the more you give, the more you will receive. No true relationship based on love is for you; it is entirely for the person that you love and want to settle down with.