Is He into Me? How to Tell If a Guy Likes You

Is He into Me How to Tell If a Guy Likes YouYou like a certain young man.  He likes you. You are both on the same page, so starting to date is super easy and your communications are clear and unambiguous.  

A fantastic relationship is born!

Wouldn’t it be great if love were that simple?  Unfortunately, it most often is not.

Because we are human, we often are not the best communicators, especially when it comes to expressing our interest in someone we are attracted to.   And if the guy you fancy is rather shy and introverted, it makes things even worse.

How can you tell if a guy you like likes you back?  

Here are some signs that he is interested in you as more than “just friends”:

1. Smiles and questions to prolong conversationsHe smiles when he sees you, and asks lots of questions to prolong your conversations

He smiles when he sees you, and asks lots of questions to prolong your conversations.  

Let’s say you cross this guy in the hallway of school or work.  You stop to talk. His face lights up and he has a broad smile plastered across it.  

That’s a strong indication he likes you.  

If he didn’t, he’d looked a bit annoyed and irritated.  He probably wouldn’t even stop to talk.

Now you two are face to face, and he’s peppering you with questions, anything to keep the conversation going.  “How was your weekend? Got plans for this week? Have you seen the latest Spielberg movie?” Small talk, sure, but he wants to keep you engaged as long as possible.  

He likes you!

2. Eye contact

If a guy is interested in you, he’ll most likely look at you a lot while talking with you.  (This isn’t true for super shy guys or guys uncomfortable with eye contact in general.)

His eyes will linger on your face, your eyes and mouth.  He’ll smile as he listens to you talk. You’ll see how delighted he is just looking at you, soaking you in.  

If he isn’t interested in you, his eyes will dart all over the room while he is talking to you…like he is looking for “the next best thing” or a way to get out of the conversation.

3. Body LanguageYou can tell a lot about how a guy feels about you by observing his body language

You can tell a lot about how a guy feels about you by observing his body language when he is with you.  

Does he turn towards you, and not angle his body away from you?  Are his feet pointing towards you? Do his movements mirror yours, for instance, if you cross your legs, does he cross his?  

All of these small things are “tells”.  They tell you that he likes you.

4. Requesting contact and social media details

He asks for your phone number, if you can friend each other on Facebook, or he direct messages you through your Instagram account.

All of these are signs a guy likes you.  

He wants to open the channels of more-personal communication with you.  So if he asks you for your cell phone number, expect a flirty text soon!  If you friend each other on Facebook, he’ll begin to message you there.

Is he commenting on all your Instagram and Facebook posts? That’s a good sign that he is into you.

5. Direct questions about relationship status

He asks you straight out if you are in a relationship.  

“Do you have a boyfriend” is a pretty good indicator that he is interested in dating you.  He is assessing the situation to see if you are free and available.

When you tell him no, you might follow up with “But I’m very open to interviewing new candidates for the position!” or some other playful invitation to show that you are interested in him, too!

6. TouchIf a guy likes you, he’ll find all sorts of subtle ways to touch you

If a guy likes you, he’ll find all sorts of subtle ways to touch you; he just can’t help it.  

It might be touching your arm as he talks to you, enforcing a point he is making.  He might brush a stray hair out of your face. He might take your hand, pretending to be a palm reader.  

When a guy is interested in you, he has a primal need to touch you, in an appropriate fashion.  

If his touch is inappropriate, be sure to tell him that that is not ok.  Even if you like him, he shouldn’t be allowed to access your body in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable.

7. He remembers your conversations  

When a guy likes you, he hangs on to every little thing you share with him.  After he talks with you, he goes over your conversation in his head. This keeps you close to him.  

So don’t be surprised if, when you meet again, he’ll follow up on something you said the last time you talked.

It’s his way of showing that he listens to you, and that is a great sign for your future relationship.

8. He offers to help you outWhen a guy likes you, he wants to show you how supportive he is

When a guy likes you, he wants to show you how supportive he is.  

Remember decades ago, when a boy would offer to carry a girl’s books home from school?  (How cute was that type of flirting?)

Nowadays, his offer to help you might be more IT-orientated, like helping you set up a new app or game on your phone, or configure your new computer.  Or if you are having an issue with a class, he might offer his expertise and help tutor you.

9. He introduces you to the people important to him

A guy who introduces you to his group of friends is clearly into you.  

He is proud that you are hanging out with him and wants to show you off to his mates.  Does he invite you home to meet his parents?

He’s got a serious crush on you!