Reasons to Consider Christian Pre-Marriage Counseling

Christian Pre-Marriage Counseling       

Counseling is not just for married couples. In order to avoid troubles down the line, Christian premarital counseling is highly recommended. With the help of God and the wisdom of an experienced counselor, couples are able to work out any challenges in the relationship before tying the knot. Taking this important step before marriage helps set the precedent for a healthy, lasting relationship. Below are three reasons to consider Christian pre-marriage counseling.


Helps Work Out Problems Beforehand

Working out small problems early on is much better than addressing them once they threaten a marriage. Christian pre-marriage counseling provides a safe environment to talk out problems before it is too late. When existing problems run into a marriage, they can easily amplify because other factors are added to the mix including stress and resentment. To avoid running into such difficulties, counseling helps to get potential problems out in the open so both parties can determine the likelihood of a successful marriage.


Promotes a Healthy Marriage

God did not intend for the honeymoon phase to last forever but his teachings as well the professional knowledge of a counselor will promote a healthy marriage. Every marriage has problems and conflicts but discussing problems before taking a walk down the aisle opens and improves the lines of communication between two people. A qualified counselor will pass on effective communication techniques as well as those that assist in conflict resolution by promoting understanding and encouraging forgiveness. A couple’s bond will also be strengthened as a result. Open communication plus a strong bond equals a healthy marriage.


Presents a Chance to Discuss Future Plans

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of time and effort. Due to the work involved, it is easy to overlook discussing future plans. Engaged couples have likely touched on the subject and made plans but pre-marriage counseling presents an opportunity to discuss these plans in depth. Everything from money and finances to having a family can be covered during sessions. Doing so allows couples to gain insight on each other’s attitudes, thoughts and concerns about these plans.