Preparation for Marriage: 8 Tips for Single Women

Preparation for marriage: tips for single women

Marriage is that institution which all women expect (and are eager) to attend at a certain point in their lives. And the moment we enter it, there is no looking back. Our lives, lifestyles, thought patterns, duties and obligations change forever. We learn how to make adjustments to incorporate that one special man in our lives and make him a priority. Sounds like a lot of work? Well, it is. The wife is truly the sole of the relationship and without her warmth and love, no marriage can be completely successful. So what makes for a ‘good wife’? Let’s shed some light on a very simple recipe for a successful union and how a single woman can mentally prepare for marriage.


1. Be practical

Women are conditioned to believe that marriages are all about ‘the perfect husband’, ‘perfect in-laws’ and ‘perfect houses’ but know this already; marriages are far from ‘perfect’. Embrace the beauty of reality and come to terms with the fact that your husband, in-laws and the house that you will live in can be different from what you may have imagined. When you start becoming more acceptable, that’s when perfection will follow. 


2. Acts of service

Do little acts of service for your husband that show you care. This may include waiting to have dinner with him while he’s on his way home, buying thoughtful presents during unimportant days, starting the day with affection and so on… 


3. Respect your spouse

Men may not like to admit it but they absolutely need your respect. When you respect and believe in your husband, it will help him transform into a courageous man of character. Without your respect, he will hardly be able to make it through the day! 


4. Prioritize sex

It takes a lot more than great sex to make a marriage successful, but it’s nearly impossible without it too. Sexual fulfillment is one of the most important needs in a marriage. Making it a priority will improve every other aspect of the marriage, as a result. 


5. Create a positive tone

The wife is usually the person in the family who can set the right tone at home. So make sure you set a positive one. The house is the base of your life – so ensure you foster an environment where love, encouragement, laughter, gratitude, hard work and fun flow together in harmony.   


6. Be yourself

Be the best you can be in your marriage. This means continue to explore interests and hobbies that you are passionate about – and encourage your husband to do the same. Another tip, never try to change each other – it never works!


7. Make smart financial decisions

Work on your budget and be sure to have an emergency fund that covers 3-6 months on expenses along with retirement savings. Preparing for tomorrow is important. The ability to manage money is important in marriage. 


8. Practice forgiveness

It takes a lot of strength to let go of past hurts, disappointments and anger. Practicing forgiveness in your marriage is important. Know that you’re husband is human and cannot fulfill your every expectation. Let go of your anger, especially on petty matters.


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