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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 82
Find Out Which Wedding Vow Perfectly Suits You And Your Partner!
The wedding industry has exploded in the last few decades, and no wedding is like the other these days. If our grandparents had a traditional wedding with their vows provided by the priest or the pastor, these days couples have more freedom when it comes to wedding planning. For instance you can have a gothic wedding with dramatic vows, or a summer camp wedding with humorous vows. What sweet words will you say to your partner at the altar? Take this quiz to find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Where were you in life when you met your future spouse?

A. Actively looking for love

B. Busy with my career

C. In my single party place zone

D. At the right place, at the right moment

2. What kind of cultural values do you identify yourself with?

A. Religious and spiritual ones

B. Stability and wealth

C. Funny, celebratory ones

D. Love and peace

3. In which way does the love of your life complete you?

A. They support me when I am in trouble

B. They're my safe place

C. The make me smile when I'm sad

D. We don't complete each other - we are bonuses!

4. Is romance important for you and your partner?

A. Not to the point that it's cheesy

B. Yes, but we take all aspects of our relationship seriously

C. We have our own idea of what romance is

D. Yes, we are very romantic

5. Who is the love of your life for you?

A. The one who saved me

B. My best friend

C. My partner in crime

D. My soul mate

6. What kind of wedding would you like?

A. A small one in the church where I used to go as a child

B. An elegant one

C. An unusual one

D. A very romantic wedding

7. How are secrets between you and your partner?

A. What secrets? We have none!

B. Kept just between the two of us

C. Funny and surprising

D. Awkward, yet entertaining

8. What do you have in common above all?

A. Family values

B. Similar backgrounds

C. Sense of humor

D. Sexual attraction

9. What is your priority in life?

A. Finding myself and cultivating my spirituality

B. Becoming an accomplished individual

C. Living the moment

D. Finding happiness

10. How do you spend your evenings?

A. Socializing with friends, getting involved in the community

B. Working on a side project

C. Going out, playing video games

D. Just spending time with my partner

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