Three D’s for the Bride-to-be: Important Pre-Marriage Tips for Brides

Pre marriage tips for bride

So you’re getting married soon and probably you can’t wait – but at the same time you may be pretty nervous and wishing for some friendly pre-marriage advice. These are just three things that may be helpful as you head towards your big happy day.

Delegate to those who want to help

Although you may know exactly how you want everything done and you may feel that the only one who can do it just right is you… but, if you think about it, you just can’t manage to do everything (or even most things) yourself. So don’t hesitate to delegate to those who want to help – whether it’s catering, flowers or sewing bridesmaids dresses – let them help! Or let them organise that area of concern – it will take a lot off your shoulders. You have enough to think about before you cross over into the world of marriage. So when it comes to the practical preparations for the wedding day, one of the best tips for the bride before marriage is to delegate as much as possible.

Discuss your thoughts and feelings

Whether you have years, months or weeks to prepare for your marriage, pre marriage preparation for the bride is inevitably a nerve-wracking time. Although you are in love and hugely excited, you are sure to have those moments when you wonder how things will work out and what you still need to know that you don’t already know. At times it may even feel overwhelming. This is when it is really important to have a trusted friend or mentor with whom you can discuss your thoughts and feelings. You don’t have to go through this alone. Even though it is on the whole a joyful experience, everyone needs support.

Detach before you attach

When you get married you are stepping over a threshold into a whole new life with your new partner. If you still have all sorts of emotional “attachments” pulling you back into your old world of singleness you will not be able to fully enjoy married life. Therefore it is essential that you take time to prepare yourself and to detach from the world in which you have been living before your marriage. Perhaps you will be moving to another city. Although you will probably visit sometimes, it won’t be the same, so say your goodbyes and get used to the idea of all the changes that you will face.


As your wedding day approaches, remember these 3D tips for a bride before marriage: delegate, discuss and detach.