Do You Know Catholic Wedding Etiquette Quiz

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Do You Know Catholic Wedding Etiquette Quiz
Before you attend or have a Catholic wedding of your own, it's important to understand the etiquette involved and what you should do as a guest. After all, there are often strict rules about who can do what, when, and where during the mass and the rest of the ceremony. With so much to take in, it might feel overwhelming as a visitor or someone getting married in a Catholic church. But hey, weddings are fun! Regardless of what you believe, it is rooted in history. Take this ‘do you know catholic wedding etiquette’ quiz to see how much you know about Catholic weddings!

Questions Excerpt

1. Where are Catholic marriage ceremonies allowed to take place?

A. Anywhere

B. On the property of a Catholic church

C. I don’t have any idea

2. Can you drink alcohol at Catholic wedding receptions?

A. Yes, of course

B. The church does not condone recreational drinking

C. Yes, but only until 10 p.m

3. What colors are required for guests to wear?

A. White

B. There is no rule about that

C. Neon colors, red, black

4. What is the "Sign of Peace"?

A. When the wedding ceremony is over, the guests give the bride and groom a thumbs up

B. Where you turn to the people near you, shake hands, and say "peace be with you"

C. Instead of kissing, the bride and groom embrace in awe of the institution of marriage

5. If you're going to a Catholic wedding, should you wear a hat?

A. It is considered rude

B. There is nothing wrong with it

C. The Bible forbids it

6. What should one do upon entering the Church?

A. Nothing

B. Make the sign of the cross

C. Depends on your religion

7. What are the vows in a Catholic ceremony called?

A. Just vows

B. Rites of Marriage

C. An agreement

8. Can you pray while standing?

A. No, you have to kneel to prayrn

B. If you are not comfortable with that, especially if you are not religious, then you do not have torn

C. Yes, it is just part of the ceremony

9. What type of clothes are you not supposed to wear?

A. Colorful clothes

B. Short

C. Strapless

10. Is it acceptable to be late for the wedding?

A. You should arrive at least 15 minutes early

B. Instead, you should arrive at the time the invitation asks you to

C. Yes, you can be quiet and sit down

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