Fitness after Marriage v/s Fatness after Marriage

 Fitness after marriage

Does the suggestion of trying on your wedding dress again, just for fun, make you laugh hysterically? When you look at that exquisite garment hanging in your closet, you can hardly believe that just six months ago you were gliding down the aisle, looking like royalty. And as for hubby’s tux… he probably wouldn’t even be able to close the zipper… Yes, sad but true, lots of newly married couples seem to pack on the pounds, and without realising how it happens, they suddenly find themselves a whole lot heavier than they were on their wedding day.


This article is going to share some thoughts to help you start focussing on how you can aim at fitness after marriage, rather than fatness after marriage. Being aware of the reasons for weight gain after marriage is a good starting point which helps to bring understanding, and then from there you can think about your plan of action.


Some of the main reasons are the following:

Your lifestyle has changed dramatically

Marriage is probably one of the most radical and life-changing steps you can take. Although for most couples this is a joyful and exciting step, it nevertheless results in huge adjustments needing to be made on both their parts. Even if you have been preparing yourself for months, or even years beforehand, once you are actually married you may find quite a few surprises awaiting you. It may take some getting used to having your spouse with you all the time and doing everything together. Even when you are apart you still need to consider your spouse and consult them about any decisions that may come up. When two individual lives merge into one, there are countless questions and conversations to have, from handling finances to starting a family, or where to spend holidays and even where to live and work. Such a dramatic change in lifestyle can indeed be reflected in a change in our appearance and specifically weight loss or gain, but usually the latter.

Your lifestyle has changed dramatically

Your hormones are also involved

According to some scientific studies that have been made on couples in love, there is a significant emotional shift which takes place between the initial thrill of dating and then the deep attachment of marriage. This shift affects the chemistry of the brain in that different hormones are produced during each phase. The first flush of dating and falling in love produces dopamine which gives you added energy and helps you stay active, while the second stage of settled commitment which usually comes in after marriage produces more oxytocin. These hormonal changes can be involved to some extent in weight gain after marriage, but usually there are also several other factors to consider as well.

Your priorities are different now

Before marriage you had only yourself to think about; you could do what you liked when you liked, eat the kind of foods you wanted and work out your routine and exercise schedule undisturbed. Now that’s all changed, by your own joyful choice of course! Now you consider your significant other first and find yourself letting go of your own choices to a large extent. After all, who wants to go for an early morning run when you can be snuggled warm in bed with your spouse? You may have been religiously watching your diet for months before the wedding day, and now with all that stress behind you, you feel you can afford to relax a bit and let things go. Now that you are married, why bother? Your priorities are different now, and it could mean that staying slim and trim is no longer as high up on your priority list as it used to be.

Your eating habits have changed

Instead of cooking (or warming up) for yourself, now you have a new home and a new kitchen in which to cook exciting meals for your spouse. For years your body has been used to a certain way of eating the kind of foods you normally eat. Now you may start to introduce different foods as you start to incorporate your spouse’s favourites. Portion sizes may also be creeping up as husband and wife often want to share and have everything the same. Unfortunately it is a sad fact that men generally have a faster metabolism than women. So they can digest larger portion sizes without gaining weight while the wife will start to feel the tightening effect in her clothes if she matches his portion sizes. Newly married couples may also tend to eat out more, enjoying restaurants and eateries which of course is counterproductive if you are trying to avoid weight gain after marriage.

Your eating habits have changed


If these points all sound familiar to you, and you are wondering how to lose weight after marriage, then maybe it’s time to sit down together and think about some intentional lifestyle changes you can make. Now that you are finding your feet as a couple, it would be a great goal to aim for together. You can help each other achieve the victory and satisfaction of reaching and maintaining your ideal weight.