Love in Marriage

When finding love becomes an obsession

Love Tips – How to Create Love in Your Life

You know what it looks like, but you have no idea how to find it. You have seen it on the …

By Sylvia Smith

5  min read

The True Meaning of Love in a Relationship

The True Meaning of Love in a Relationship

A relationship is composed of many things:  friendship, sexual attraction, intellectual compatibility, and, of course, love.  Love is the glue …

By Sylvia Smith

4  min read

Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage – How Love Changes over Time

The first moments of falling in love with someone are, at the same time, the supreme high and the absolute …

By Sylvia Smith

4  min read

Why Love Is Not Enough Always

Why Love Isn’t Enough Always and What to Do Then?

  This summer, my boyfriend and I traveled to Europe. We had 5 glorious, romantic days in Paris, and then …

By Joree Rosenblatt

Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, #93545| 4  min read

Reactivating the Love Factor

Reactivating the Love Factor

“I am not in love anymore.” I have heard it many times while in session with clients. Heck, I have …

By Sharia Thomas

Counselor, MS, NCC, MAC, LPC| 5  min read

How to Truly Love and Be Loved

How to Truly Love & Be Loved?

As a psychotherapist and life coach, hundreds of clients come through my door. They have come to me for coaching …

By Kathalynn Davis

Life Coach, MSW| 3  min read

8 Qualities That Attract and Keep a Man

8 Qualities That Attract and Keep a Man

Wouldn’t it be nice to be that woman who could attract just about any guy that she wanted? If you’re …

By Sylvia Smith

6  min read

Love Me My Way

Be aware, understand, compromise, and nurture your relationship when expressing love, and receiving desired love. Here are some thoughts to …

By Janelle Johnson

Counselor, MA, LPC| 3  min read

5 Areas of Loving Your Partner Intentionally

There are 5 areas of loving intentionally we will look at when loving your partner, or spouse: The choice to …

By Janelle Johnson

Counselor, MA, LPC| 2  min read

16 Ways to Grow Closer to Your Mate This Year

In the New Year, many couples continue making the same mistakes in their relationship as they did the last year. …

By LaWanda N Evans

Professional Counselor, LPC, NCC| 4  min read

Post-Marriage Checklist: What to do after the “I do”

Your wedding day has come and gone. All that planning, excitement, and yes, some anxiety, is finally behind you and …

By Sylvia Smith

4  min read

The Relationship House of Love

There is a house that sits firmly on a strong foundation. That foundation is love. This love is built, over …

By Eva L. Shaw

Counselor, PhD, RCC, DCC| 3  min read

Are You and Your Partner Speaking the Same Love Language?

We each learn ways of expressing our love and appreciation.  How we express our love may be influenced by our …

By Kristen Holbrook

Counselor, MCP, RCC| 3  min read

How to Keep Your Love Life Alive After the Kids Arrive

So you have just had a baby – congratulations! No doubt you are awestruck with the sheer wonder and delight …

By Sylvia Smith

4  min read

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