Love in Marriage

Self-Love is a Marital Asset

What are you bringing to the marriage? This is a question that is asked both verbally and nonverbally; during the …

By Afrah Caraballo

Psychotherapist, LCSW| 5  min read

Tips to Improve your Married Love Life

  I have been a psychotherapist for 40 years. I was raised with very conservative parents. I went wild in …

By Betty Wittels

Psychotherapist, MS, NCC, LPC| 3  min read

What Really is True Love?

Is there someone you love so much that you would build a monument to last for eternity? Helen Fisher, an …

By William Feuerborn

Psychotherapist, LCSW, CSATS| 2  min read

Cultivating Instead of Falling in Love

My wife Helen and I both knew we were not “in love” when we got married. We loved each other …

By Bryce Kaye

Psychologist, PhD| 6  min read

How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

Many women seek ways to get the men of their dreams to notice them and often report that they will …

By Denise Limongello

Individual, Family & Group Psychotherapis, LMSW| 2  min read

A Hope that Endures all Things: Real Love in Marriage

Many of us seek real love in marriage. It seems elusive, but is so very possible. As you read on, …

5  min read

Love Tip: Stay Crazy About Each Other with These 8 Romantic Phrases

The briefest of phrases can make a huge impact in a relationship. At times, keeping things short and sweet does …

5  min read

Rhapsody from the Heart: Love Songs that Celebrate Marriage

The cake is ready, the dress is perfect, the family gathers in a beautifully appointed worship venue. As the musicians …

5  min read

Unchained Melodies: Love Poems, Marriage, and the Hope of Connection

Love poems about marriage run the gambit of languages, cultures, and nationalities. The poems help their author’s fully express the …

5  min read

An Unbridged Gap: Benefits of Long Distance Love

Long distance love is often seen in a negative light when it actually has its benefits. When you think about …

5  min read

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