Love Life for Every Married Couple

Love Life for Every Married Couple

When everything is going well in the relationship, partners are not prone to over-thinking and analyzing things and take everything for granted. However, from the moment the first problems occur, they start questioning themselves. Did they get what they expected from their marriage? Are they the reason for these problems? Is their partner the right one? This is quite normal and questioning yourself is something that you should do every once in a while if you want to improve your relationship and become a better person.


Modern marriage

Marriage is one of the most important institutions that is now rapidly losing strength. According to some statistics, more than 65% of marriages are successful. However, it is not unusual to hear stories about women who have left their husbands, something that was very rare in the past. The public is not as judgmental towards this practice, although we should not ignore the fact that it seems that too many couples use divorce as a solution although there is room for improvement.


In addition, people have also changed their perception – it is quite normal for two young individuals to live together before marriage and learn more about each other. This is one marriage policy that is accepted almost everywhere. Anyway, love is, regardless of whether we are talking about a partner, a parent or a friendly love, something that is worth the effort.


Nowadays, when many people are under pressure from everyday problems, primarily those existential, marriage and partnerships are often neglected. Many believe that love in marriage and long-term relationships is something that is natural. But, is it?



There are several phases in which every relationship goes through. The first phase is often described as being in love or having a crush. This is the feeling that people have at the beginning of the relationship when they believe that they have finally found the right partner. This feeling gradually decreases over time.


The second phase happens when some of the partners experiences and notices this reduction in their feelings. In this phase, they start questioning the habits that they have developed in this short time (visiting their partner’s parents, noticing that the partner is working too much time etc.). On the other hand, the other partner will start to practice the habits that they have practiced before like socializing, taking care of their hobby etc. In a successful relationship, there is a phase of adjustment. This is the moment when the relationship becomes serious and this is the period that usually leads to marriage.


Is it possible to be in love forever?

There are many people who confuse love and partnership. Love is a feeling in the heart and partnership is often an activity in which you need to complete some “tasks” like cleaning, cooking, taking care of the bills, education of children, intimate intercourses etc. Falling in love is the enthusiasm that exists when two people find each other.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that love life for every married couple is something abstract. Love is very important in marriage, but it is amazing how many people fail to see that and ruin their marriages. For example, people often confuse love with possessiveness. There is nothing wrong if one of the partners goes to a football match or a fashion show with their friends. There are also situations in which one of the partners relies too much on the other partner. It is very difficult for one person to “carry the weight” for two persons.


According to many experts, love life for every married couple is something that should be cherished and appreciated and there are certain things (like good communication, physical contact and getting out of the routine every once in a while) that can improve love life in married couples.