5 Best Non-Sexual Ways to Keep Your Marriage Healthy

The 5 Best Non-Sexual Yet Intimate Ways to Keep Your Marriage Healthy

Finding what works for your marriage requires time and commitment. You might have read and heard various tips, especially of a sexual nature, about how to keep the spark in a marriage alive. While being sexually intimate with your spouse does play a role in having a healthy marriage, non-sexual ways to keep the marriage healthy are essential, too.

Now, you might be wondering how an activity can be non-sexual yet intimate. Well, the important thing to realize is that intimacy and sex are two different things. For you to experience a deeper bond with your husband or wife, you need to entertain the possibility of introducing non-sexual yet intimate ways to be closer to each other. Working on building an emotional closeness is what will ensure the longevity of marriage and maintain an impressive level of passion.   

Emotional love is crucial for keeping any marriage alive

According to relationship experts, emotional love is crucial for keeping any marriage alive. So, if you have been experiencing a decrease in passion or you want to increase the love you share with your spouse, you should consider some non-sexual activities to keep your marriage healthy.

Below are 5 ways you can be intimate with your partner in a non-sexual manner

Remember, it might take some time to perfect the rituals mentioned in this list. However, if you both are determined to make your marriage work, these 5 activities are sure to reap positive results.

1. Build communication

Communication is the key. No relationship can survive the test of time without proper communication. You don’t always need to be in bed and having sex with your spouse to feel closer.

Some communication cues are more than enough to help build a stronger bond.

For example, whenever you are talking to your partner, you should turn toward them and maintain a connection, especially an eye contact. Your wife or husband should feel your undivided attention when they’re interacting with you. Turning away from your partner when they’re trying to talk to you (especially while flirting or when sharing something emotional) sends the wrong message and they might feel you aren’t interested in them, and the marriage, anymore.

No relationship can survive the test of time without proper communication

2. Date nights

A lot of times, married couples stop going on dates with each other because they think there’s no need for such a ritual anymore. Getting married, while a fantastic milestone in one’s life, doesn’t mean you stop being romantic with each other. So, decide upon a fixed day, preferably once a week, and go on a date.

You can eat at a fancy restaurant or even watch a movie. Even a little stroll in the park or beach can help you both feel intimate. If you have kids, hire a babysitter for the night or ask a family member or friend to look after them. The important thing is to not take the kids along with you on date night because you need to spend time with your spouse. You will find this activity not only rejuvenating but also an effective non-sexual way to keep your marriage healthy.

 Decide upon a fixed day, preferably once a week, and go on a date

3. Being physically affectionate

This doesn’t mean having sex. You need to concentrate on other forms of physical affection. Why not consider giving your spouse a massage? How about giving them a big hug when he or she comes back from work? Even a simple gesture of placing your arm around them while watching TV can make a huge difference. Such gestures help release oxytocin in the body which plays a role in making you feel relaxed.

4. Cook a meal

Of course, this might sound way too traditional for some of you. However, some relationship experts do believe a good meal is a way to a person’s heart. You don’t have to do it on a daily basis, but cooking a delicious meal for your husband or wife (once or twice a week) is an effective way to strengthen a marriage.

Surprise your spouse with their favorite meal and sit down at the table to share it with them. You can even go ahead and offer to feed them yourself. Feeding each other is even better and is sure to bring you both closer to each other.

Some relationship experts do believe a good meal is a way to a person's heart

5. Share hobbies

Sharing hobbies with your partner is another non-sexual but intimate way to keep a marriage healthy. Why not consider going to the gym together? Perhaps take a cooking or painting class? You can even join a book club. The important thing is to do something that you can both enjoy together.

Wrapping it up

Take your time and work on intimacy and non-sexual ways to keep a marriage healthy. See what works for both of you. Don’t forget to appreciate each other’s company and enjoy being together even when not being sexually intimate.