Will I Marry My Highschool Sweetheart Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 747 | Updated: Dec 14, 2022
 Will I Marry My Highschool Sweetheart Quiz?

Your high school crush could either remain your crush, or there are chances you both have a future together. Is your high school sweetheart the person you’ll marry? Are they perfectly right for you? When you think about marrying your childhood sweetheart, there are many questions to think about.

Our quiz will help you understand whether you want to marry your high school sweetheart.

Questions Excerpt

1. You really want your sweetheart to propose. When you bring up the topic, do they:

A. Have a conversation with you about it

B. Smile and wink

C. Avoid the topic altogether

2. When you and your sweetheart disagree, do you:

A. Move forward pretty quickly with a civil conversation

B. Fight, but eventually forgive each other

C. Argue for days, neither of you willing to concede

3. It’s your first date all over again. You feel:

A. Completely elated

B. Nervous but excited

C. Hesitant and anxious

4. If you had to pinpoint your sweetheart’s fatal flaw, would it be:

A. They love too deeply

B. They’re a procrastinator

C. They do not care enough about your needs

5. When you miss a day of school because you’re sick, does your sweetheart:

A. Call you as soon as possible to make sure you’re okay

B. Send a text to check in

C. Wait until they see you the next day to ask where you were

6. You feel that your sweetheart is not giving you enough attention. Do you:

A. Confront them, knowing you’ll have a calm conversation about it

B. Feel nervous, but text them to give them time to cool down before answering

C. Avoid bringing up your feelings, not wanting to start a fight

7. What year were you in when you and your sweetheart started dating?

A. Freshman

B. Sophomore

C. Senior

8. Do you and your sweetheart share the same friend group?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Almost

9. Tell us your fondest memory of your high school:-

A. Studying together

B. Lunchtime

C. School dances

10. Your sweetheart is sick. You will...

A. Spend the day with your friends

B. You will take an off and look after your boo!

C. You will keep calling them to check up on them!

11. What initially made you fall for your high school sweetheart?

A. Their mind

B. Sense of humor

C. Their looks

12. If you and your sweetheart were going on vacation, would you:

A. Be excited to spend time with them

B. Feel a little nervous but mostly excited

C. Be completely anxious that you’d fight the whole time

13. Getting married is important to you. Your sweetheart:

A. Feels the same way

B. Compromises on this topic

C. Doesn’t care to get married and won’t compromise

14. Your sweetheart has an idea that you’ve been cheating on them. Do they:

A. Bring up the topic gently but seriously

B. Get angry at first, but then calmly confront you

C. Lash out at you and not give you time to explain what really happened

15. Thinking back to when you and your sweetheart first met, was it:

A. Love at first sight

B. Friendship first

C. A rocky start

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