Quiz: Who Will Be Your Valentine’s Date?

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20 Questions | Total Attempts: 270 | Updated: Feb 08, 2024
Quiz: Who Will Be Your Valentine’s Date?

Valentine's day is a special event to celebrate your love with full passion. However, it can be hard to find a date on Valentine's Day, especially if you aren't already in a relationship. Almost everyone wishes to have a date on valentine's, but sadly, few don't find theirs. 

Have you thought, who are you going to ask out? Do you know who will be your Valentine's date? Take this quiz to find out who you might go out with on this valentine’s day.

Questions Excerpt

1. Where will you go out if you have a date on Valentine's?

A. My favorite restaurant

B. A romantic place nearby

C. A place far away

D. In the park

2. What do you do when you reach home after work?

A. Go out at dinner

B. Hang out with friends

C. My sibling always plans something

D. Go to a park

3. What makes your heart melt?

A. Playing with dogs or cats

B. People laughing together

C. Remembering good times together

D. Sharing my emotions

4. What is more satisfactory?

A. Seeing a familiar face

B. Being acknowledged

C. Playing with my pet

D. Getting back together with my love

5. Pick one:

A. A love letter

B. A road trip

C. A coffee date

D. A playdate

6. Where do you spend most of your time?

A. At work

B. At home

C. With my siblings

D. With my pet

7. Why don't you already have a date?

A. I still have feelings for my ex

B. I am always working

C. I don't get a chance to meet new people

D. It's too much work

8. What is your favorite cake?

A. Carrot cake because I am a vegetarian

B. An oozing chocolate cake

C. I don't eat sweets because I am diabetic

D. I eat anything on the table

9. What kind of people do you like to be around?

A. Friendly people

B. People I admire

C. Fun people 

D. I don't like people

10. What kind of party would you enjoy?

A. Block party

B. House party

C. Office party

D. I don't like parties

11. Would you like to spend your time in a mountain cabin?

A. If I have someone special with me

B. No because there might be stray animals or psychos

C. I have been to several before

D. I hate mountains

12. What is your preferred body type for your date?

A. Of course, some sexy

B. I don't have a preference

C. Athletic because it means they are healthy

D. A good body without disability

13.  Are you a hugger?

A. For people who are close to me

B. Yes

C. No

D. Only for animals

14. Who last complimented you?

A. A friend

B. Someone I am attracted to

C. My neighbor

D. No-one

15. How do you want to spend the day after Valentine's?

A. Alone

B. At home

C. In love

D. With friends

16. Will it be a lunch or a dinner date?

A. Lunch date because I am afraid of the dark

B. I'd prefer a dinner date because it's romantic

C. Midnight snack under the full moon

D. Both are okay as long as it serves special treats

17. What gift will you give to your date?

A. I think flowers and chocolates

B. A nice pink teddy

C. Whatever he/she likes

D. I guess a diamond ring

18. Do you already have your budget for a good date?

A. I’ve been saving for a year

B. Nope, come what may

C. I won’t date

D. I have some little earnings saved

19. Can you describe your crush?

A. Good looking

B. Terribly gorgeous

C. A smart ass

D. Pleasant-looking with a slight edgy

20. Do you already have someone in mind to date this Valentine?

A. My boyfriend/girlfriend

B. Still searching

C. I have a few in mind but cannot decide who

D. No date, no problem

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