Who Will Be Your Valentine Date?

8 Questions | Total Attempts: 198
Who Will Be Your Valentine Date?
Valentine's day is a special event to celebrate your love with full passion. Take this quiz to find out who will be your Valentine. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your favorite cake?

A. Carrot cake because I am a vegetarian.

B. The oozing chocolate cake.

C. I don't eat sweets because I am diabetic.

D. I eat anything on the table.

2. Do you like spending your time in a mountain cabin?

A. If I have someone special with me.

B. No because there might be stray animals or psychos.

C. I have several visits before.

D. I hate mountains.

3. What is your preferred body type for your date?

A. Of course, curvaceous kind.

B. I am not particular with body.

C. Athletic because it means they are healthy.

D. A good body without disability.

4. Will it be a lunch or a dinner date?

A. Lunch date because I am afraid of the dark.

B. I'd prefer dinner date because it's romantic.

C. Midnight snack under the full moon.

D. Both are okay as long as it serves special treats

5. What gift will you give to your date?

A. I think flowers and chocolates.

B. A nice pink teddy.

C. Whatever she likes.

D. I guess a diamond ring.

6. Do you already have your budget for a good date?

A. I've been saving that for a year.

B. Nope. Come what may.

C. I won't date.

D. I have some little earnings.

7. Can you describe your crush?

A. Good looking.

B. Terribly gorgeous.

C. A smart ass.

D. Handsome with twisted ears. It's Prince Legolas.

8. Do you already have someone in mind to date this Valentine?

A. My boyfriend/girlfriend.

B. Still searching.

C. I have a few in mind but cannot decide who.

D. No date, no problem.

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