Who Is Your Secret Valentine?

8 Questions | Total Attempts: 92
Who Is Your Secret Valentine?
Anything secret means excitement and thrill but at the same time it's also nerve wrecking. Especially when it is about someone you are going to date this Valentine. Do you want to know who will be your secret Valentine? Simply take this quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you a good stalker?

A. I haven't stalked anyone yet.

B. The best stalker in the world.

C. Nope. I always fail in stalking.

D. Just some prank calls.

2. Do you have the habit of calling and texting?

A. Textmates? ews! An old cliche.

B. Yeah before I go to sleep talking to friends and family.

C. My lover is in another country so I don't have the choice but to call and text.

D. I don't have a phone.

3. What is your expectation during a date?

A. Like a thousand angels singing above.

B. Lesser expectation to be more surprise.

C. A kiss in the end.

D. Expensive bill.

4. Are you in favor of a blind date?

A. Like dating Stevie Wonder.

B. I think it's kind of exciting.

C. No! What if it's a serial killer on the loose.

D. Fine with me.

5. Are you good with secret keeping?

A. I guess so.

B. I am fine with them.

C. Maybe.

D. I am a big mouth. I cannot be trusted with secrets.

6. What is the most mysterious thing that you can imagine?

A. The cannibals of the Amazon.

B. Love.

C. I think feelings. It is kind of mysterious to me why we feel something.

D. I don't have any idea.

7. Which do you prefer, petite or tall?

A. Petite because they are kind of cute.

B. I think tall because I am tall as well.

C. Well, petite reminds of Shire and the Hobbit.

D. I don't mind dating short or tall.

8. What is your most liked dating place?

A. Somewhere with fresh air.

B. In an expensive restaurant.

C. Inside my bedroom.

D. In a nice cozy coffee shop.

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